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  1. Evity

    Staff Needs Better Training :/

    Kick has never and will never be a viable option for staff. If someone's mass RDMing TMods/VIPMods have the option of either putting in a ban request or spam warning them granting them a kick if there are no Mods+ Online at that time.
  2. Evity

    Okami's staff Application

    Use /playtime (name) in-game. Why wouldn't we? I'll take that as a no. Overall just a really lazy application -1
  3. Evity

    Sphynxx's Mod application

    -1 Thank you Sphynxx, Very cool!
  4. Evity

    My Sincerest Apologies

    no one cares just dont say stupid shit lol
  5. Evity

    iMoose Ban Appeal

    Yeah, You're right. We can continue to go back and forth but that's not what I'm going to do. This is my last reply unless further proof is needed to resolve this appeal.
  6. Evity

    iMoose Ban Appeal

    Continue making your situation worse and spitting out false information. It's not my responsibility to tell everyone that they may or may not be breaking the rules, I'm not your babysitter. It's your responsibility to read the rules once you connect they pop up on your screen for a reason. I guess this is what people say when they lose an argument. I don't even understand the point of this reply, Our playtime or our reputation has no effect in appeals/reports.
  7. Evity

    iMoose Ban Appeal

    I could care less if farks staff or not, You're just throwing in idiotic arguments trying to grasp for straws. I've already warned him twice today for breaking server rules. And I didn't "took me in a sit when you saw me kill fark" fark reported you and I accepted that report and punished you fairly. And what does me bailing him out have to do with anything? You got reported for breaking the rules and you got punished for it. Regardless if it was accidental or not what you did was wrong and against server rules, You can't blame anyone but yourself for that mistake.
  8. Evity

    iMoose Ban Appeal

    I don't care if it was a misunderstanding what you did was against the rules and like I stated previously laws don't allow you to shoot people you arrest them. "5. No KOS laws." Also yet again let me reiterate the fact that you can't kill someone for shooting near or at you they need to damage you first. And the reason I didn't initially punish you for the first one was due to the fact I was already handling a situation and I just purchased his health back deescalating the situation without punishing anyone. And yet you continue to incriminate yourself by admitting you RDMed even more people and use the "engaged in armed combat with other officers" as a scapegoat.
  9. Evity

    iMoose Ban Appeal

    I can't express how wrong you are in this situation. The most you could have done was arrest him IF there was a law at the time that prohibited the use of firearms/weapons. But in this case, There wasn't a mayor so you are completely wrong in this situation to even try to demand someone to drop their weapon. Also, I'd like to add that you cannot kill or arrest users for shooting near or at you they must actually damage you. Edit: He also had a permanent weapon (Those cannot be dropped) The fact that he's a donator adds no bias and why would that matter anyway do you think I get any money from that? The answer is no. And the fact you're bringing up how effective fark is as a staff is unnecessary and off topic but I'd like to add fark does the best he can and he's very effective at that. But if you aren't happy and you think he broke either the server or staff rules feel free to report him here: http://garnetgaming.net/forums/index.php?/forum/18-reports-and-appeals/ Also I'd like to encourage you to follow the proper format. Back on topic But let's get back to the point. Yes, I did see you shoot him for next to nothing that isn't allowed also warnings aren't allowed on this server you would have known that if you would of just read the rules. Keep in mind moments before you got reported for RDM I saw you attempt to RDM another user for lock picking a base. Proof of you attempting RDM and RDMING the third RDM was based on evidence from logs: Logs: Disrespect in a sit:
  10. Evity

    RIP X

    Dude... I GET IT NOW UPLAND IS SO CORRECT! I fought a guy for no reason once honestly I just hope someone comes and executes me I don't deserve to live
  11. Evity

    RIP X

    Yeah, That video was in 2013 he was 16 at the time people make mistakes all the time the guy was literally in Flordia doing charity events. Find something better to do other trying to incriminate dead people. The kid was trying to change for the better but let's all dwell on the past. https://theblast.com/xxxtentacion-planning-suicide-prevention-charity-hours-before-murder/ "But then there were those final words on Instagram Stories. For all he did wrong, XXXTentacion was starting to try to do a few things right. He announced plans to donate $100,000 to a charity benefitting victims of domestic violence, and plotted another antiviolence event for this past year's Art Basel."
  12. Evity

    Discord Update [6/18/2018]

    No, he's keeping both.
  13. Evity

    RIP X

    I don't even like X's music but did you even read the title of the article? "GRUESOME DETAILS OF XXXTENTACION’S ALLEGED BEATING OF EX-GIRLFRIEND UNEARTHED" But from what I've heard he hasn't been charged for anything. Regardless if he did that or not it doesn't take away from the fact he didn't deserve to die and then be ridiculed by people online because of some allegation. This man was 20 years old people make horrible mistakes all the time. Some of you are heartless. Also, are we just going ignore the charity work he does nowadays?
  14. Evity

    BubbleBuddies21 physgun off duty.

    Neutral If the user actually was mass RDMing as you said I see no issue with you physgunning him but at the time it looks as if he's physgun abusing a text screen. Nevertheless, Do I think you could have handled the situation better? Yes, I do think you could have just frozen him. But honestly, I don't think you deserve to be punished for potentially stopping a massacre.
  15. Evity

    Mass Suggestion Post

    This will be added back once the database is switched to Dallas the server is hosted in Dallas and the database isn't and the latency caused the server to crash garnet can't do anything but wait. No, We have chess and checkers that's enough. If we keep adding pointless options to make money how will this not break the economy? I wouldn't mind different versions of printers. But really?