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  1. Duel

    Bigger Map?

    You tax our steel and aluminum, insult our pride and then dare call us allies?????? Denied, Canada will not be assisting the United States in a war against Russia. Good riddance, hmph.
  2. Duel

    Bigger Map?

    Did you just call Canada a Sub-country? You wanna take this outside bucko?
  3. Duel

    RIP X

    As much as I distaste the guy and his music, and despite my gut telling me if I looked him up more I'd think he's absolute scum, people passing on value judgments as if there was enough there to pass judgement on is what's appalling. I'm 20 as well, and I think I can speak safely for every 20yr old in that if I was judged on who I was at this point in my life in regards to my place in society, so much so that people feel comfortable making value judgments on whether I should continue to exist, I'd be fucking mortified. The irony is that people, like Holmander, who are content with having him killed because of his violent gang behavior are often worse because of that sentiment, and hide behind their moral superiority in their reasoning to justify his death as good. Sorry man, but just because he's a piece of shit doesn't mean you're justified in stooping low enough in warranting his death. One more thing, because I keep seeing a shit-ton of Fortnite memes about his death: Having respect for his death doesn't mean you're a fraud with your feelings and hiding the fact you don't care, it's about knowing your limitations as people yet acknowledging that despite it, you can understand the value of human life enough so that you can at least pretend you care, because one day you'll find yourself actually caring about human life, whether it be loss of parents or friends. So please, at least pretend to understand what his death means instead of putting a revive button over him.
  4. Duel


    The real question is how are we not friends on Steam after all those wars? Add me brotha
  5. Duel

    Swigs resignation

    Black male
  6. Duel

    Cody Drax 1MD/MARSOC Resignation

    Black male
  7. Duel

    This is why i throw

  8. Circle circle dot dot now you have the cootie shot hehe 😜 

  9. @Prota Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider 

    1. Acid Drop

      Acid Drop

      N****s go to Mars and get put behind bars

    2. Duel


      See now that part was cut out from my childhood

    3. Acid Drop

      Acid Drop

      We being adults now and shit. Time to teach you everything 😛

  10. Duel

    The History of Frosty (CSDesert Days)

    Duel's perspective during all this. "Thank God an Allah that's finally active and around" Rick: "Thank god we don't have a horse fucker drawing ponies on break as Allah" Notices things are decent in Taliban, switches back to IJU to help SirMike Gushy and Wasdin rank hop on more dick and thin out Officer ranks Frosty was noticeably not managing Officer ranks well, thin out Baseball season starts, huge sub-faction update Pattern of Frosty going inactive and not caring, Bassam MVP'ing the faction on his back, no one taking Frosty seriously "Wait, he fucking plays baseball?" "Why the fuck is Wasdin a high Officer?" Taliban starts dying, speak in TS to "memelord" Rick and "I'm actually still in HS" Shrimps about behavior S U M M I T S BEGIN Frosty can't make the meeting because of Baseball, which became the meme of the century Frosty then "willfully resigns-steps down" after the second summit Garnet somehow became Allah for a month without him knowing Bassam then got it for a week, but was too burnt out and Dillan next Allah ooh aah You'll still always be a better Allah than Rick though boyyo
  11. If I name myself DMX can I lead MARSOC

  12. To nigga or to nigger, that is the question...

    1. [GG] Admin | Cameron

      [GG] Admin | Cameron

      To nigger or to not nigger that is the question 

    2. Duel


      To nigga or to fellow black male,that is the question 

    3. Zaroni Pepperoni

      Zaroni Pepperoni

      To be offended about words or not to be offended by words, that is the question.

  13. Duel

    When your IQ goes negative

    *Philosophically reflects on the difference between nigga and nigger past all the arguing*
  14. Duel

    Did you just say hej hej monika

    When the void begins to stare back