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  1. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    Retro / Dakuwaqa's Staff Application

    The essay portion for "How will you benefit the server" seems pretty generic and similar to many others. Not only that but some of the things that you said in that portion are things that shouldn't have to be said. For example, your job is to deal with minges and rule breakers that goes without saying, you are expected to be active despite your faction not being on, etc. Until the application seems a bit more unique I am going with a -1.
  2. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    Bills Murrys Trial Mod Application

    Pretty sure this is meant to be denied anyway since he doesn't even have permission to apply so....
  3. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    Redpanda's Staff Application

    I recommend making your essay portion more unique to you since some of the things said are a bit generic and also proofread your essay since there are a few mistakes that I have noticed. Also, I recommend changing your attitude since people are claiming that you are being disrespectful according to this application. -1
  4. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    *MP5A5 BUFF* MilitaryRP Update [6/21/2018]

    When you realize that people aren't gonna be able to snipe with the MP5A5. Dab.
  5. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    Lala Deviluke's Resignation

    La la la latah bitch. Was fun playing with you when I was active MARSOC.
  6. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    Staff Application-Jack Daniels

    -1 Similar to others I don't really know you enough to validate a +1 so asserting yourself more to both countries or just talk to people more in TS/forums/ingame.
  7. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    Staff Application WantedGamer23

    -1 I hardly know who you are which indicates to me that you don't really assert yourself enough.
  8. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    Jackal - Donation Suport

  9. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    Jackal - Donation Suport

  10. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    [CnKole] Moderator/Staff Application V2

    Personally when it comes down to how you are going to benefit the server you shouldn't really talk about NOT abusing since it should be a given that you won't and if you were to do that you would just be punished. Also you state that you wont question the verdict of a higher ranking staff member yet you did that once people were telling you that Hyperion,at the time, wasn't cheating.However, you went on to constantly make reports on said person until a Super Admin told you the same exact thing a moderator was. Overall that whole situation was immature and quite frankly I don't think you have changed much since then mainly because you really can't change your entire attitude in a matter of a few days. -1 P.S. I recommend trying to get more well known in the community anyway as well since I really only know you because of that whole cheating situation. Which is already a negative aspect.
  11. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net


    You really hate to see that happen
  12. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    Win1 Staff Aplication

    Alright this application needs a lot of work. It is very short and doesn't really address why you would be a better applicant than others for staff. Also, your grammar is pretty bad for a 16 year old. -1
  13. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    JJ's Staff Application

    I haven't really had any issues with you nor do I see you getting into trouble on the forums or ingame so I don't see why we can't give you a chance in the staff team. +1
  14. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    Jackal - Donation Suport

    Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:41098920 Missing Items: RU Elite : Defender Proof of Purchase: 5SC97089D13173217 Keep in mind the donation was for Van but for some reason he didn't get it.
  15. Jackal l GarnetGaming.net

    FreeBirdd Ban Appeal

    Alright so from what I have gathered from this report and based off of me talking to Freebirdd is pretty significant. For one he has lied saying that the man shooting people on the hill was his......"spotter" and later went on to admit that it was in fact him. Secondly if you had watched the video at I believe .25 or .5 speed you can just about see him turning back all of a sudden towards lua to take that shock granted it may not be the easiest thing to see but it's there. Also another thing is that he has been previously banned for aimbot on other servers. Which is something he has yet to explain and seems to be avoiding for the most part even during my conversation with him. Overall his explanation for everything does not add up for the most part. -1 EDIT: "BuT YuO HaVe HiT 'hoSe sHOts tooa anD EvN craZiEr ones." The one thing that annoys me the most is the consistent comparisons of me to other players that are cheating. This happened with others like Austin and I believe one other. Did it help their case? No? So why should it even be brought up here to support him?