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  1. Orange

    Conway - Resignation

    A little late but I do know one thing: A BULLET A DAY KEEPS CONWAY AWAY!
  2. Orange

    AlphA's Staff App

    -1, Bad history. Dont know if youve changed but that was my history with you
  3. Orange

    Gamblers MRP staff app

    I agree to disagree. SWRP was a long ass time ago, and I like to think people have changed and gambler seems to have changed for the good. You always seem to hold grudges against people and never think they can change.
  4. Orange

    no no no i messed up

    no please spare me didn't mean to make this
  5. Orange

    Gamblers MRP staff app

    +1 also staffed SWRP I believe
  6. Orange

    Garnet Gaming Memories

    A pic of me as DF The old cinema server Staffing on DRP The Riley M meme Jake Weather's Youtube Channel I deleted a lot of my screenshots, if anybody has one of me on SWRP as staff or 187th CDR, MARSOC, or any other funny moments, just post em on my profile or below. Thanks. I have spent a lot of time on Garnet servers and made a ton of memories with some people
  7. Orange

    Rust Recruitment

    Ill play, Ive been getting into rust lately
  8. Orange

    [Orange] - [Ban Appeal V2]

    Any Reasons?
  9. In-Game Name: Orange Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:119779823 When did the punishment occur?: December of 2017 Warn/Ban Reason: Community Ban, 3 Ban Rule Who was involved?: Most of the Server Why should your appeal be accepted?: I know .lua said that I should wait for the ban wipe but if there was one, I'm sure it would've happened by now. While I'm recovering from at least 4 Infected blisters, minor heat burn, and athletes foot. If want to know why, its because of this program called sea cadets, a military program. Basically, if you get up to a certain rank and spend enough time in the program,when you enlist into the armed forces you can get up to an instant E3. Now one of the requirements is going through a 2 week mini boot camp, where you wake up bright and early at 5 to PT, and end up getting to bed at around 9PM, getting barely 8 hours of sleep every night. if you get caught doing anything you aren't supposed to, you were going to PT for a while. Now I passed, but that was borderline hell. I got back home about 8 hours ago and have been sleeping nonstop for the whole ride back home and for a few after I got home. Now I passed and did learn a lot about the navy and some stuff that might be good to incorporate into the navy on the server. Now that I've actually done something challenging, everyone that has "welcomed" me home said that there is something different about my attitude, but it might just be because all of the hair on my head hasn't grown back yet. I met a lot of good people and some Bravo-Foxtrots [a.k.a. Blue Falcons, BFs, etc..]. If anybody wants to see of I've really changed at all, meet me in the TS or add me on steam. I got some money and if this don't get accepted then imma pry buy a new game but if it does, maybe a donator class. Anyways, I think that I may have changed a little bit. If you have any constructive criticism, please leave it below and anything else that could make this application or myself better. Proof (Screenshots/Recordings): None
  10. Orange

    RIP X

    Why was he even in trial in the first place?
  11. Orange

    RIP X

    Thank you for correcting me, but the fact that he even got close to raping a girl with a fork is insane. I would've never thought of doing that
  12. Orange

    RIP X

    Unless if you are related or friends with X, chances are you wont miss the dude. Sure, you will miss his music, but X is a truly horrible person. He raped a girl with a fork, beat up his cell mate for being gay, and the pregnant girlfriend he violently assaulted. His music was pretty decent, but the dude isn't.
  13. Orange

    [Orange] - [Ban Appeal]

    Thank you for your opinion, and I admit to coming back and minging on the TS, but that was 4-5 months ago. I have been banned for 6 months and a lot has happened to me since then.
  14. Orange

    [Orange] - [Ban Appeal]

    I have no idea how to do that, and I think you may have me mixed up with Mel Ester or somebody in that boat.