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How to be a cop without getting banned!

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Send this to those players that are shit at their jobs!

Laws of GarnetGaming

At the top left of your screen, you will see your stats (health, armour, cash etc.) Underneath, however, is the laws of GarnetGaming.

There are 3 that remain the same and can not be changed, with a Mayor or without - they will stay.

They are:


If there is a mayor on - these laws stay the same, but there could be added laws too!

To add laws do /addlaw (law), to remove a law (which are not the first three) do /removelaw



When the Mayor dies, the newly added laws would cease to exist.

These are the rules that citizens of Garnet Gaming have to follow, so if you see it being broken - respond in the respected manner.

Having Weapons/Sweps out

This isn't a default law, so please make sure to look at the laws of GarnetGaming at the top left of your screen. If it says something along the following lines of:

"Weapons and sweps are AOS (Arrest on sight)"

Then that means that anyone seen with a weapon, whether that be a knife, a shotgun a sniper, etc. and any swep, whether that means the angry hobo swep, the climbing swep or facepalm swep are to be arrested on sight.



Now, grabbing your baton out and hitting him is the wrong thing to do. You will get an error message saying,


Now in order to want them you will have to use a specific command called /wanted, in the picture below you'll see how it works!


If you properly executed this command, on the wanted persons head it will show,


This is to make other police men aware of the criminal and the person it's self will get a message at the top of their hud saying "wanted".

It is now that you can take out your arrest baton and chase down the criminal scum!

When they get arrested, they respawn at the PD jail cells, where law enforcement can come to talk, free or kill the prisoners inside their jail cell (make sure you had a good reason to kill them or you'll get warned for rdm, no need to kill them at all - nothing they can really do)

Jail cells:




You can not just go to a base, take out your battering ram and get entrance into the building because then you'll get an error message at the bottom right of your screen saying that you need to make a warrant using /warrant. However, before using the command. We need to know, the reasons to use a warrant.

You should only warrant when you see raidables, if you hear them - that's not enough to warrant a search. Also if you see a bank that stores printers and you can actually SEE printers, you can not raid the bank because they are legally allowed operate printers for other people and themselves.

Raidables include:

  • Printers
  • Meth
  • Weed

So how do you use the warrant command? To use the warrant command do /warrant (name) (reason). A false warrant would result in a warn for "false warrant", so just make sure you warrant for the specific reason I wrote. Remember, only if you see raidables and no raiding banks unless they have any of the other 2 raidables (weed and meth).

In the picture below you'll see the warrant command and how it works.


Once you have finished the warrant, if there are is a mayor on - that mayor will have to accept the warrant. If there is not, then it'll be accepted by itself.

Now proceed to go to the door/prop you're looking to break into, take out your battering ram and hold right click and then click left click.

If it's a fading door it will become faded/invisible and you can walk through it for how ever long the hold time is on the prop.

If it's a normal prop it will simply tumble over!

If it's a normal door, it will become unlocked and automatically open!

Part II

You storm inside with guns draw and someone fires and you - you get shot, but return fire. Unfortunately mid-way through the gun fight, you have to reload and as you take shelter, he kills you with his lead penetrating your head. You lay there lifeless. You respawn, with regret and annoyance. However remember to not come back to raid to complete the raid. That is NLR, which mean New life rule. So that means you shouldn't come back for 3 minutes and shall not raid the base for a period of time.

Lets say fortunately, one of your mates come along and shotguns the person getting raided, he now lays lifelessly and can not come back to base until after the raid has been finished. You walk up the stairs and find printers.

Taking the money out and stealing it for yourself is the wrong thing to do and could lead you with a failrp warn because that is not what the role of your character is supposed to do. Take out your weapon and destroy the raidable you see. That is your job, nothing else - don't start helping the dude grow weed!


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Ya' boi adding that new info!

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7 hours ago, MoldyHotpocket said:

Add how they shouldn't false warrant banks my guy

I'm not done with the thread, my dude!

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4 minutes ago, MoldyHotpocket said:

but its published lol. you could have just saved a draft

It's at least out here to help give new players an idea of what they need to do as officers. So it's nice he's got a pretty basic guide out already for them. He can simply edit the thread to add things on, that's all.

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GrippingButtHole is the guy in the cell, +1

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You put SO much effort into this, geez. Very impressed with the result. Nice guide, one of the better ones out here.

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