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LargeTomb0's Application For Staff

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Posted (edited)

In game name: LargeTomb0

Age: 16

SteamID: STEAM_1:0:222133700

Warns: At the current time I have no warns, but I have gotten a few in the past.

Timezone: EDT

Playtime?: I currently have 378+ hours on Garnet.

Do you have access to TeamSpeak and a microphone?: Yes I do. I also have Discord.*cough* upgrade to Discord *cough*.

Do you have the ability to record Garry's Mod videos?: No I do not but I am able to screenshot.

Referral(s): I have been recommended by Watak, Emma, Oatlife, Sheepdog and Kitty to apply for staff.

Past experiences as staff: I have no past experience, but I hope to gain some.

Why should we choose you over other applicants?: I would like to think I have a good friendly bond with most of the staff members as well as a lot of the user on the server. I would also love to help out the server in the best way I possibly can due to the amount of of friendly people I've met and the amount of joy this server has brought to me. Sometimes I would come home from a bad day in school and when I would log on to Garnet it would just brighten my day up. I believe Garnet to be one, if not the best Dark RP server on Gmod.

I have studied the rules and staff rules a bit and will continue to try to memorize as many as i can, but I will always have room to improve. I will need some help from time to time especially when i first start off, but I have been told I'm a fast learner so hopefully I won't need to much assistance. My goal is to one day become an admin on the server so to get the chance of becoming a staff member is one step closer to my goal. I have learned most of the rules just from either myself getting in trouble or from spectating a few sits with staff members, but reading the rules over I have learned a few new things. I would love to be a part of this community and if I do become a staff member I will try my best to impress everyone I can.

Have you ever been banned or punished on any server? If so, Include details: I have been banned before for mass NLR for a period of two day. This occurred during one of Fark's raids on the building in front of spawn. Unknowing of the raid i stepped in and was killed by Fark. After I proceeded to spectate the raid from the window of the base not knowing i was too close and got killed a few times. After the raid I got reported for mass NLR. I have learned from my mistakes and it won't happen again.

Have you made any previous applications, If so when?: No I have not. This is my first.

How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: At this current time it's summer, so I am usually on from the time i wake up so about 12pm, to the time I go to sleep about 2am. Although when school starts up again it will be cut down to about 5pm to 11pm. There will be rare occasions where I am force to spend time with family but this won't happen often.

If you have any, what hobbies or activities are you involved in outside of Garry's Mod?: I don't do much to be honest but on the rare occasion I feel like doing something I will usually go out to my friend's house and spend some time over there or I will go out to eat with family but not too often.

Did you read the staff rules?: LargeTomb0

Edited by LargeTomb0
Added more people to Referrals.

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+1 Throw my name on your referrals as well. Over all I mean you may get asked to beef up the paragraphs a bit. But I support making Large staff, he's been around long enough and shows he knows the rules.

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it's always a pleasure to see him in-game a big ol  +1 for me!

  • His playtime is amazing
  • I see him on almost every day
  • From what I know he is always friendly
  • admits to his wrongdoings
  • Knows the rules for both staff and in general now!

I would love to see this dude on staff!

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Very active in game

understands rules well

I think he would be a perfect fit for staff (add me to refs).

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Huge fucking +1 from me. This guy knows what he's doing, isn't toxic, and genuinely wants to help the community.                                A D D M E T O R E F S 

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