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May 11, 2016
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Jun 10, 1997 (Age: 20)
Parts Unknown

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Asshole, Male, 20, from Parts Unknown


WELL, our host got their shit together. Website is back online :P Apr 23, 2018 at 7:59 PM

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    1. Garnet
      Eclipse was demoted, not resigned.
    2. Ender_assassin3
      hi I was playing darkrp and I set an application for a report and I waited 10 minutes and still no one replied to my report then my guitar teacher got here so I had to log off of the server. and then I was banned for ltap even though I was not in a sit can someone tell me why
    3. Kappa
      Hey Garnet I wanted to ask you if you could do a knife transfer (the perk swap thing is down right now). So my friend SuhDue (you probably remember him because I think you have him on skype) bought me a knife and it unfortunately went to him. So I'm wondering if you could transfer it to me.
      My steam id is: STEAM_0:1:175009855
      SuhDue's steam id is: STEAM_0:1:66586199
    4. Heintzzz
      Hello. Look at our conversation plz
    5. FLUFFY2099
      Hey if I have posted a application and it got denied can I copy the hole thing and fix my mistakes or do I have to start from scratch was going for trail mod for military any higher up admins or peeps all around plz tell me when possible
      1. Eclipse
        Anyway, you have to reapply without trying to copy your application.
        Aug 6, 2016
    6. fishermen9111
      Hello i was playing military rp server it was my first day playing and when i had tried out for sas it failed and then my second time a guy asked me to change my name i had no idea how to so he killed me and then i got mad and when over there to talk to them then someone tries to shoot me but i shot back and got kicked i you have to help me my steam id is 0:0:146653557 and my last name was sam fisher thx.
    7. (MVG) PUG
    8. {E.M} Dr.Dapper
      {E.M} Dr.Dapper
      Great owner amazing server much respect bby
    9. Horegon
    10. Dwight Shrute
    11. -pg-Crystal Wolf
      -pg-Crystal Wolf
      I can't donate from the page, I do need to talk to you though.
    12. weef
      about 3 weeks ago you told me you would unban me but im still banned
    13. Kindness
      How in the hell are you up at 2:47 am?
    14. Night
      hey garnet sorry to bother but last night i got banned for a week for (mass rdm) when i never did i killed people who shot me first and my org members others were rdming i kept on getting shot and no admins were on once one admin got on we all started getting banned i didn't do anything though i killed people who shot me first or my org can i please get unbanned and can we talk in the server about this
    15. BetterNerfJeff
      Sorry for sending this message, i just been waiting all day with no real answers. I was perma banned from your server at some point this morning while i wasnt even online and would like to know who did it and why. the reason i read when trying to join the server says this-------==== [ RIP ] ====-------you are a twat, Here is what you did: (None given) You have (permaban) to think about what you did
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    Jun 10, 1997 (Age: 20)
    Parts Unknown


    Shephard | nigga, like, seriously, idc if someone finds out where I live
    Shephard | I draw horsecock
    Shephard | you think killing another human being is above me?