AlphA's Resignation #tbt Alpha's Resignation from DEVGRU

Discussion in 'Islamic Jihad Union' started by AlphA_, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. AlphA_

    AlphA_ NLR

    I just don't agree with how med is running the faction Medinator is a great guy one of my best friends on the server i wouldn't rant on him like i did DEVGRU i just don't like Austin or how he demoted me to WO1 because he mass promoted me to CWO5 when phantom gave him perms to do that. And by suprise that rank went to Austin (Med's former BrigGen) I don't agree with the way he is focusing on HAQN when he is the genneral of two faction not just one.
    Thank you to Marcus the real MVP i really tried my all to take that ban for you. But Phantom persisted,
    Love you guys, especially you medinator i will never stop loving you i just dont agree with you
    oh and i hate austin.
  2. Medinator

    Medinator Crippling Depression

  3. Phantom

    Phantom Howdy

    Again, I thought it was admirable of you to step up for Marcus, but at the end of the day, Marcus is the one who broke the rule and I have to take personal feelings out of the decisions I make. That was the most objective decision to be made.
  4. AlphA_

    AlphA_ NLR

    Thank you.
  5. AustinDatDude

    AustinDatDude Mass RDMer

    This honestly amuses me, you got mass promoted and Medinator realized that and I wasn’t the only one who said something about you, multiple people in HAQN, you got power hungry and just proved that in TS saying your not gonna be in the faction unless you have 2LT, med doesn’t owe anyone anything and you showed what you deserve, you bashed HAQN in TS and your rank didn’t goto me, I was on reserves and came off to help Medinator with docs and getting situations setup, Don’t you dare try and say it was my fault, your actions spoke for itself, Marcus left as well, if you don’t like someone then don’t interact with them, you simply saying you don’t want me back because I go and tell you what rules you broke and that I brought a reform idea to med is ridiculous... Have fun with whatever you do but what you just did was a dick Move!
  6. Ebichu

    Ebichu Garnets Hoe

    This post confused the shit out of me.So you start out with you not agreeing with how Med runs the factions.Then you go on to say some shit about Austin.Then you say how Marcus is some fucking MVP.Then you bring up Phantom being bias...I mean.But then you pretty much end it with a fuck you Austin.Of course you did not say that but you get my shit
  7. Phantom

    Phantom Howdy

    No where in there did he call me biased?
  8. Ebichu

    Ebichu Garnets Hoe

  9. Bush

    Bush Dumpster Baby

    You guys need to chill out before another one of AlphA's resignation post becomes a cesspool of toxicity
  10. Ebichu

    Ebichu Garnets Hoe

    I dont understand how my post can be toxic.Its me pretty much asking what the fuck is his point right now.It sounds like complaining more than a resignation.Sorry if you think this is toxicwut

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