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  1. Shrugger

    Shrugger Mass RDMer

    Name: Shrugger

    Age: 27

    SteamID? :STEAM_0:0:33846304

    Hours on Server?: 624:26:08.

    How active can you be on the server?: I can spend around 16-25 hours on the server per week

    Recommendations?: None

    Have you received any bans, if so, what for?: None

    Are you a staff member or have been one? (state rank if applicable, highlight rank red if you are not staff anymore):
    Trial Moderator on SWRP

    List Officer Ranks held, including faction affiliated (Highlight highest in green):
    Admiral (Naval Fleet - SWRP)
    Lieutenant Colonel (Green Beret - MRP)
    Major (Marines - MRP)

    About yourself? (3 ‘big boy’ sentences minimum):
    I am 27 years old, I live in Los Angeles, California. I attend classes at University of California, Los Angeles for a bachelor degree in Political Science. After that plan on transferring to Columbia or Harvard law in order to become a corporate contract lawyer. I was born and raised in the tri state area and have lived there prior to me moving to LA. I had a 3.0 in high school and so far I am maintaining that. I like playing video games, ever since I was young my dad would buy my older brother and I console systems (PS1, PS2, PS3,Wii, Wii U,). A couple years ago I spent more and more time on my computer and disregarded console systems. Last year I made my own custom computer which was pretty fun. I play league of legends (Skarner for life), Overwatch (Roadhog main), and Gmod (most of my GMod hours are on this server). I am mainly a silly person not caring and have fun until its actually time to get serious, then i'm 100% serious until the task is finished, and then I revert back. I like making puns and knock knock jokes. I like instrumental music, old school music (70s-80s), and rock.

    Why would you like to take ahold of Army (3 ‘big boy’ sentences minimum):
    I believe there are certain problems with Army at its current state and I will be expressing them in this section. My first major problem is that there is no difference between NCO ranks and minimal difference between officer and general ranks. What is different from being a Staff Sergeant vs a First Sergeant or what is different from being a 2LT or a CPT disregarding the ranks one can promote. In other words there is no sense of progression except for five points: PFC->CPL, CSM->WO, CWO->2LT, COL->BrigGen. The second primary concern I feel is worth addressing is that there is nothing to do but talk to people and do tryouts/training when it is not wartime. This makes the RP extremely boring for people who are starting out or for people who would like to do something else rather then wait 1.5 hours for the next war DB. The main reason I would like to take hold of Army is to solve these two key issues with the changes I hope to bring to Army.

    What are the responsibilities that you would give yourself, as a GA?: I feel that the GA role is similar to the role of a CEO. While the CEO has the general direction of where the company(in this case it would be Army) is going he relies on his other executive officers(generals) to lead and command certain groups. The responsibilities involve: Army Tryouts, Record/Roster sheet maintenance, oversee/manage Army and all subgroups, and train new generals.

    What are some changes you would like to make to Army?:
    NOTE : These changes still require approval from Shephard as some of these changes require a Manager+ approval and I care and want the opinion of the person known to be the best GA.
    NOTE : These changes are not final, if you have a suggestion on why something should or should not happen feel free to PM me and it would be added/removed from the list.

    1. Reorient the ranking system of army
    Before I begin any major changes to the faction I will change some of the ranks and the permissions those ranks can perform.
    GA - General of the Army
    Demote current GA to GEN and retire the rank as it is not an RP rank. The GEN(which would be me if this application would be accepted) would run the faction under the CSAs oversight.
    General of the Armies (GAS)
    Demote current GAS to GEN and grant the title of CSA(Chief of Staff of the Army). The Chief of Staff of the Army is a pure administrative role that only serves to ensure that the GEN(If this is accepted that would be me) does not screw up and if I were to the CSA would be able to replace me without any struggle. It allows me to fulfill the following condition.

    2. Standardize and Regulate the Class tryouts
    As the factions lifeline, it is important that class tryouts and DS training are regulated to ensure the best usage of the classes as well as the best training for newcomers to join the army. To establish Section leaders and coleaders for the classes: Specialist, Breacher, LMG, Marksman, and Sniper. To do this I intend to primarly use Lieutenants(3 2LTs and 2 1LTs) as the section leaders and WOs as the coleaders. Considering I will need someone to oversee this I will limit the CPT slot to 1 person and have them oversee all the section leaders.The first main task for the CPT in charge is to ensure a complete wipe of whitelists except for players who are on the NCO or Reserves rosters. I believe the cleansing the classes of old players will take roughly 1-2 weeks. From there I hope to revitalize the progression of enlisted by settings tryouts to be made available at certain ranks(Rough idea is CPL - Specailist, SGT - LMG and Marksman, and SSG - Sniper and Breacher) NOTE: I still gotta think of a RP name for this instead of "Section leader" and "Section Co-leader".

    2B. Establish the SMA and begin regulating the DS class
    If the establishment of the section leaders is successful I hope to incorporate the DS portion into it. For this portion, I will grab a high ranking enlisted who is deemed fit for the task(1SG-CSM) to act as the DS section leader and appoint them to SMA, The DS command structure for the DS portion will be a tad different but will go as follows: CPT(1) - Leader of all section leaders, SMA(1) - Section Leader of Drill Sergeants, WO(3 slots allocated for DS co leaders) and All Drill Sergeants. Due to the nature that the DS portion will be ran by enlisted, the leader of the section leaders is to keep an eye on them.

    3. Integrate the studying of military strategy and tactics into Army
    The idea for this came up when some of my AFG main friends were telling me that they were studying war tactics to beat US in war. The sole purpose of this group is to experiment with strategies and to discover the most effective strategies against AFG. I intend to test all current officers of their ability to form tactics(in ways later to be designated) and place that individual as the US Army's primary tactician.Our primary tactician and those who are deemed fit to be a tactician are be the tacticians of US Army. Instead of having people shove the responsibility of who is going to do debrief or giving the debrief to inexperienced individual it should always be a designated tactician leading or co leading the debrief.

    4. Promote RP roles that can be done out of war
    I am rather sick and tired of seeing people either AFK, talk to other people about random things, or play other games until the war timer comes up. I would like to promote RP roles that can be done by individuals of the US Army
    For example, the medical offices can now be used by army medics who are bored and can be used or an engineer could stay by the vehicle yard for repairing vehicles. IDEA IN DEVELOPMENT

    5. Assign the role of running OCS to the LTC as well as regulating how OCS is conducted
    In my time as a CW5 to now I always noticed that OCS is a bit funky. It was never a standardized procedure or testing, it would always be changing. This change is to assign the role to the co-leader of army(like the army classes people not all factions under army) to the LTC and have the LTC act as the gate between making it as an officer or not. As some of you may conclude from step 2. I have made the lifeline of Army dependent on my junior officers, who I hope will always be the bulk of my personnel. The LTC is to act as the gatekeeper to ensure the non-viable candidates fail and the viable candidates can rise up the ranks. Considering the variety of roles and the stark differences from each officer position, OCS will focus on candidates being able to do a variety of roles with precision. The variety of roles will be determined by what Shephard believes is fitting for an officers, gotta use that leadership experience, as well as other long time players and what their opinions are for making a good officer.

    6. Establish the role of Army Management to the COL
    In this section I am going to be saying the word "Army" a lot and it may or may not be clear which army I am talking about so I am going to define some terms to avoid confusion. When I say "Army" from this moment on know that I mean only the faction US Army not US Green Beret or Delta Force. When I say "Army-Central" I mean Army, Green Beret, and Delta Force. I am in belief that all 3 of our factions should be interlaced, not merged of course, but there should be some points where all 3 of the factions included in Army-Central cooperate and promote relations between Army and the two other SOC factions. The Army colonel will be assigned the following responsibilities: To ensure class tryouts are occurring, to erase unprofessional behavior(in game) from officers, oversee OCS so it can be ran as intended, ensure that promotions are occurring at the right times, and finally to maintain the faction relations with Green Beret and Delta Force.

    7. Establish an Overseer position at the rank of BrigGen
    As anyone can see, I like to point out where the faction is progress but having the person I put in charge do the leading while I watch from behind, if they make a mistake I set them back on course. However I cannot be on all the time to ensure no mistakes happen(I got work and school IRL). Similar to the relationship between me and Shephard, I will instate a Brigadier General(By the time I reach this step I will be roughly a 1-2 months in so I will know who are good and who are bad) to act as the overseer of the COL.

    8. Establish base sweeps, patrols, and anti-raid procedures
    Currently, US has been having trouble ensure people have not been entering our base due to the openness of the new base. I would like to work with MP to establish regular base sweeps(along with a constant state of lock-down when pre-war DBs are happening). Building on step 4 to provide RP roles of patrolling around the base.
    The first few tasks I would like to set up with MP is to establish anti-raid procedure

    8. Establish an intelligence community within of Army and expand it to all of US
    To establish an intelligence community not only within Army-Central but with all of US prioritizing on observing enemy movements in(calling out where they will be so defenders/attackers can be ready) and out(finding locations of enemies and the hostage before a raid) of war. This community will be work with the together to prioritizing on observing enemy movements in(calling out where they will be so defenders/attackers can be ready) and out(finding locations of enemies and the hostage before a raid) of war.

    The Estimated time required to do steps 1-8 should be around 3 months. I do not intend to rush any changes but instead to give a week or two of time to adapt.

    Do you understand, we can disqualify you, simply based off ban records, and previous offenses?:

    Do you understand that failure to keep up activity, can result in a removal entirely of your rank?:

    Edit 1: Removed the extra organizations and kept the bare ideas, Removed the afterword as it no longer apples
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  2. ✪Abu✪

    ✪Abu✪ Dumpster Baby

    +1 Great leader with lots of experience
  3. bishopil

    bishopil Crippling Depression


    Most of your ideas arent useful USASOC, INSCOM, etc. We don’t need battalions and extra MOS things...
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  4. D3AD

    D3AD 게이 인증

    I actually like a lot of your ideas and they are well thought out for the most part but... They are a little much for this server. I love serious rp and realism and all but I feel like a lot of these juts wouldn't work.
  5. D3AD

    D3AD 게이 인증

    They are useful if done right.
  6. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker Staff Member Owner

    A lot of these idea will will not be allowed, regardless of
    We don't need more MOS's nor battalions, end of story, edit your application if you don't mind @Shrugger lybbq
  7. BroDawggg

    BroDawggg Crippling Depression

    -1 Something US Doesn't need right now... To be Overcomplicated with RP
  8. Kush Black

    Kush Black Dumpster Baby

    +1 Great work, active and But like @bishopil said, we don’t need a lot of changes in MOS
  9. Shrugger

    Shrugger Mass RDMer

    Affirmative. Will get to work doing so.
  10. BroDawggg

    BroDawggg Crippling Depression

    Only person with a half decent app. He just needs to get rid of all the over complicated RP and needs to start off with Simple changes
  11. Just pointing it out that he was disqualified, the RP changes worry me a lot.
  12. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker Staff Member Owner

    I will state he was disqualified because he asked a question. Phantom asked me to leave the thread unlocked, so people could ask questions
    But what do I know.
  13. Phantom

    Phantom Howdy

    He posted his thread on the application despite it telling you where to post it?
  14. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker Staff Member Owner

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