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Discussion in 'Army' started by Shrugger, Jan 11, 2018.

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  1. WarmPupper

    WarmPupper No Life Goals

    Did this with GB too.
    I’m gonna give it a -1. After what I found out from someone who is a very trustworthy source, Shrugger often would talk behind my back when I would disconnect, hell almost every officer did. He did not support anything I did when I tried to do everything I could for GB when it was taken down the shitter. You often did not stick to the plan and specifics for GB, and went off and did whatever the fuck you felt like doing, which didn’t really help fix the damage done. When you are actually trying to RP, you take the meaning out of factions such as GB by trying to make it more elite than it needs to be.
    Anyways, moral of the story, I am giving a -1 because I don’t think someone who is unsupportive, talks behind people’s backs, takes things way out of proportion, often does not follow specifics, and shows failure to keep one primary and straight up basic focus on a factions future should be considered for GA.
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  2. tanner

    tanner Member

    i'm not sure how you will take this but i think you have some great ideas that if put in the right way can make army the best base faction on US but i think we need someone to control your ideas until they from into something that can change Army for the better i think you would be An Amazing Gen but i'm not to sure on GA just yet but that is just my opinion Good luck -Tanner
  3. Sir Sloth

    Sir Sloth Godlike

    +1 if anyone deserves GA it's you Shrugger, you have shown yourself active and you have been helping Green Berets out a ton and I like your plans.
  4. Tayler

    Tayler Crippling Depression

    After seeing a lot of retards posting on the application, it makes me think the community just wants to be little shut-ins. Not only that, but people bitch about you wanting to implement RP and more activities, but sit there running around the base doing nothing and complain (Guilty).
    Something to do > Nothing to do.

    This application is a worthy one. The fact that you've put in more effort and solid reasoning for everything over the majority of applicants is a great reason to why I am going to +1 this. Guaranteed, some of what you have suggested is not going to work or actually do much, but it's definitely a good step in the right direction. Even though I think you go overboard sometimes and kind of dislike you; I believe you would be a better choice than anyone applying right now.
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  5. Raul

    Raul Hardcore

    Going off of what Tayler said, I do agree that you have some good ideas for army. While some of them won't be implemented, I personally think you have the drive and the ability to lead army. +1, good luck Shrugger!
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  6. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker

    I'm pleased to tell you, that you will be moving on to the interview stages of this application process. You will have until tomorrow 12am to contact me, if I end up not on tomorrow (for whatever reason that may pop up) You will be given an extra day to get a hold of me. Now, the only the more daunting than this application was when Garnet calls me dumb, and this is definitely something that I will hope is better digested in our interview, I do believe you are more than qualified, but maybe a bit too qualified, as you want to push a hard and heavy sense of RP, at least what comes off as almost immediately I'm sure in the interview stage, we'll find out what can be surgically removed, and what can be pushed forward.
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  7. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker

    Shrugger will be made the new General of the Army O-11
    He understands most of his idea's need administrative approval and has the idea's to put forth to keep Army not only "entertained" but keep it afloat as well.

    Congratulations, make Army proud
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