Bagels ban appeal +1

Discussion in 'Administration' started by Balakay, Jul 26, 2017.

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  1. Balakay

    Balakay Newbie

    The 327th were rdm 10-20 min before i came to assist and i was watching 501st tryouts and shock came in asking for help with the rdm i went on to assist and they said kos or aos so i went to their bunks where the rdm was taking place. Not a minute goes by till we realize that aos was not possible so i held them at spawn by killing them at spawn till an admin could ban them. I had no intentions to mass rdm for being a dick. I was only doing what i was asked.
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  2. syian rye

    syian rye Newbie

    he also does not deserve this
  3. GamingDogg

    GamingDogg Newbie

    +1 nothing was his fault (tried to keep peace)
  4. officerdonuts

    officerdonuts Mass RDMer

    -1, broke golden rule, also vigilantism is rule number seven, although I don't agree with the rulesi don't think this will get accepted for the two reasons I stated.
  5. GamingDogg

    GamingDogg Newbie

    The shock had to break the golden rule as well, It was getting out of hand and I mean out of hand and there were two shock no admins and the shock were getting lit up. They come to the 501st come and beg for help untill a admin can come and the 501st go to help and get banned. He did it to try and help the server and not ruin the experiance for the new members being trained and trying to RP. He was given no chance to explain or defend himself and in the end Not even the minges got banned
  6. Lum(Tecet)

    Lum(Tecet) Newbie

    +1 this situation is getting out of hand these people wanted to control the situation becuase no admin was on and noone was having a good time. id rather have someone to control the situation than just stand there and wait tell an admin gets on we want to have fun and not constantly die as soon as we leave our bunks.
  7. Balakay

    Balakay Newbie

    sir if you were there you would understand there was no other way i was only doing the right thing. Im sorry you think that way and your just following server rules. I respect your decision
  8. officerdonuts

    officerdonuts Mass RDMer

    I would understand that I deserve an unban cause its my commanding officers fault or what not.
    but what would happen in that reality is that, first, I wouldn't mass rdm just cause valdez told me to
    and second, even if I did, I would have broke 2 OTHER rules instead of mass rdm. I understand what ur going through, ive gotten banned 3 times for shit I didn't mean to do, but I still served the full sentence, Mass is Mass
  9. Shrimp

    Shrimp Guest

    Hi, staff involved here. I was AFK playing another game when all my pilots are yelling in TS about mass happening in game. I tab back in to a feed longer than bizzy's dick. After a review of the situation and checking of logs, I had banned Bagel and several others.

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  10. Balakay

    Balakay Newbie

    that was because I was holding the rdm ppl at there spawn till u could ban them I was not trying to be banned this is my first time ever being banned I take rp as serious as I can make it.
  11. Snickersammy

    Snickersammy Mass RDMer

    +1, read other appeal for more info
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