Banned for 2 kills/people dying in my humvee.

Discussion in 'Accepted Appeals' started by yunggravy, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. Sneaky Goose

    Sneaky Goose No Life Goals

    Alrighty then. Looks like that's something to be fixed.
  2. OpTic Gunnner

    OpTic Gunnner No Life Goals

    +1 if is keys doesn't that mean the Carew exploded?
  3. Mr. GentlePickle

    Mr. GentlePickle Dumpster Baby

    Just for a couple of your guys information, death by keys can happen one of two ways, one, they died in a vehicle explosion by the driver, or two, they got gomba stomped for lack of better words, and I am being serious when I say that.
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  4. surplushealer32

    surplushealer32 Dumpster Baby

    +1 you can see in the logs that he was shot and killed around the same time mark by a Tali and how can he of killed beast after he died with keys 5ED46913A14211296B837FA366866BE13BCC9292.jpg
  5. AustinDatDude

    AustinDatDude Mass RDMer

    That kill was two minutes later by another unknown death
  6. surplushealer32

    surplushealer32 Dumpster Baby

    Ok still before that it says he dies by a jeep then all the other people die
  7. Phantom

    Phantom Howdy

    This is a really odd situation. The 4 kills before he was killed by aa ron seem to be from a car, so I don't think he should be punished for that. The kill at the very top is odd, but I don't think this was intended mass.

    I'll unban you as there is no way you could have killed that many people on your own with your keys. Afghan does it all the time in US base and when US shoots them, it says the driver killed them. This is why minging into the enemy base is not a good idea.

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