Banned For Week For Mass RDM????

Discussion in 'Denied Appeals' started by DankMemes 2, May 1, 2017.

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  1. DankMemes 2

    DankMemes 2 Newbie

    I was banned for a week as for mass rdm as a cinema owner. I did not mass rdm, I warned a person several times for crossing a door I had a keypad on *note they broke there way into the owners area without adverting raid* The person broke nlr several times to try to get into my base. I was on the server for maybe an hour? as a cinema owner without any issue accept for some scum bag trying to play porn, and the occasional person walking into the cinema owners area. This person told Kush I was mass rdming, * I killed him 3 times * and Kush didn't want to hear a single bit of my story and wouldn't listen and hear my reason for killing them, or that this person was breaking nlr and basically being a minge because there no reason to be up there and if they are up there there gonna skip peoples videos or turn off the strip weapons and kill people, you can request on the visitor control panel. I would like to be unbanned because I believe what happened was unfair. For the hour I was on the server seemed fun.

    mingeing persons name had the word fox in it I dont remember.
  2. DankMemes 2

    DankMemes 2 Newbie

    Also my account name is DankMemes not DankMemes 2
  3. Nezbei

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    Date of Ban:
    Length of Ban:
    What happened?:
    Staff Member(s) involved:
    Any sort of proof(photo,video):
    Why you should your appeal be accepted?:
    Your Steam ID:

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    repost using correct format
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