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  1. Garnet

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    Hey there Nutnut Gaymers!
    Tonight is scheduled to be RP_Chaharikar's beta testing, if you'd like to be a beta tester we currently have (5/5) available slots.
    In order to qualify for becoming a beta-tester you must be available at Eastern Timezone at 11PM through 3AM, aswell as 10AM through 2PM.
    Please comment on this thread with a brief description of who you are and how you would be valuable as a beta tester.
    Thank you.​
  2. Psych

    Psych Use logic. Don't be fucking stupid.

    My name is TheDudeAbides. I've played and staffed on both MilitaryRP and DarkRP. I've briefly created maps briefly and worked as a beta tester in the past for similar projects. I believe I can give a good logical insight on issues I find within the map and I have all night to assist.
  3. Garnet

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    Sorry, I don't believe you are active enough within the community, let alone MRP in order to determine if the map would pose any gameplay issues.
  4. My name is Oxyy. Ive been apart of the community for about 9 months now and I have put almost 100% of my time on mrp. I want to beta test because I want to help out the comminuty any any way possible. I'm going to be on all night tonight and I do live on the east coast. I also think I should be a beta tester cause I'm a Nobody.

    The end.
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  5. Phantom

    Phantom Howdy

    Name: Phantom
    Rank: Super Admin
    Reason: I should be a beta tester because I already have multiple insights on what map is already like, therefore getting past the tedious phase of exploring the map and getting straight to the brass tacks: looking for errors or odd spots. Additionally, I am extremely available with my time as I am on a 1 month break from school and have helped you beta test maps before. Whether I was valuable or not in the past is up to you, but I think I helped point a few things out and know how the process goes. I'm not someone who decides to stick with his own agenda and mess around with a new map instead of looking at the details and identifying any potential problems.
  6. Tayler

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    My name is Tayler. I have been here for all the most recent testings of new maps. I've played on the server since November of 2016 and staffed a couple times.

    I could assist in looking for lighting or prop issues, holes in the map, glitch spots (phasing or moving through objects). I would be able to look diligently and work without bothering or interfering with you or others.
  7. Berndz

    Berndz I'll take your bitch

    I am Berndz. Have been around forever. I would love to participate! Can easily fill those time slots, as I have no life

    Will be able to help with any issues you guys think will occur, I'm not smart, but I ain't Jake weather's!

    I although do not play MRP much. So that is my only issue.
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  8. Hi, you know my name, I have been here for a year and 4 months, I have staffed on DRP 11 months ago, I have some knowledge about Hammer and making map, I even did an extension to "downtown_v4c_v2", I am thinking about making a suggestion thread about it, if you don't want a new drp map, maybe an exension to it would be cool? I'm a no life, I spended a lot of time on a single server, so being wake up all night wouldn't be a problem for me. I think that having me as a beta tester would be great because I'm playing on a laptop with one of the worst processor in the world, and since I know a lot of people playing with that kind of computer on the server, it would be... you know, we'll see if that works for me, and if that works that means that's gonna works for everyone. Before starting to make my drp extension, I went on multiple valve developpers web sites, to learn a lot of techniques mappers uses to make a map fun. I have also been waiting for this map since january 2017.
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  9. Homast

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    My name in game is Homast or Blackhawk
    I believe I can aid with troubleshooting the map and checking anything that would otherwise be negative for the gameplay because I actively look for new ways of trying to get one thing done.
    For example. Breaching comms after Prone was introduced.
    I hardly ever see anyone using prone for this purpose. Most the time they use it for Sniping from behind a hill (Which you've fixed) but Breaching comms with it, You're almost never gunna die unless they have someone on the other side of the door waiting for you and watching the bottom.
    I've played on the server for nearly a year now? (1 year on the 17th of Jan)
    So This is why I believe myself to be a good asset to your beta testing team.
  10. Ebichu

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  11. Homast

    Homast Crippling Depression

    He has 5 available spots left.
    oWo nani?
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  12. bishopil

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    It means he has all 5 available spots still open.

    Anyways, I’d ‘apply’ if I weren’t on LOA.
    Good luck with beta testing though, hope everything goes well!
  13. VirginGaming

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    lol you're the one who's blind
  14. Raul

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    Well, i'm Rauler, and i'm available at these time zones. Right now, i'm GEN of 055, an mrp T.mod, and have spent about 99% of my time playing garrys mod on the MRP server. (about 650 hours). I would like to be a beta tester to the new map because I would do my best to troubleshoot different problems with the map, and provide some insight on how to improve them. I'm available whenever for the next week too because i'm on break, except for Monday because of Christmas. I would work quickly with troubleshooting errors, holes, glitches, etc on the new map. So basically, i've got no life, would be awesome to test the new map.
  15. Ebichu

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    Thought it meant he already had 5 people*incoming death threats*

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