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  1. Not sure if I want to take the opportunity for someone else. Even though I might not get it to begin with but I'd personally want Ekko beta-test.
  2. Buffet

    Buffet Hardcore

    my name is jeff
  3. Mun

    Mun Member

    My name is Mun and I've been with the community for about 7-8 months and am now a Mod of the GG Military RP. The reason that I want to be a beta tester for the new, upcoming map is because of these reasons: I am always being helpful to the community, finding on the bugs that needed to be fixed, and I am cuurently learning new things of the job. Just keeping in mind that this is my first time on being a beta tester but, if I do these orders correctly, I am gonna be pushing forward to everything I got. Although I am not available through the AM schedule but, I am available from 11pm to 3am schedule so, maybe I can really make it all the way. I was there when the new map for Military RP was uploaded for a duration of some few weeks and ended up switching the old map because of some bad bugs and some reasons.
  4. My name is Conway. Currently focusing on memes of Garnet, I am an ex-Moderator of GG MRP, and I am the current General of the US Army. I have also been on Military RP for 9-10 months. I have used hammer editor many times before, thus giving me knowledge of how the map may break. I specialize in breaking things as it is. I think trying to break this new map would be an opportunity I would love to take. I would love to help move this server forward with this big milestone. I also have been a Beta-Tester for Pre-Alpha Rimworld and a smaller indy game. :)
  5. Nasty^

    Nasty^ Fake Friend

    Hello my name is Nasty, I E-date and then get bullied by garnet. I would be able to give input on the new map and give suggestions on what should be added, and what should be removed.
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  6. Duel

    Duel Hunter

    Availability: Open to both times mentioned, timezone is EST
    Who I am/GG Experience: I've been around for 9 months, with previous experience leading sub-factions + entry factions, and currently a Trial Administrator for MRP.
    Beta Test Experience: I used to work as a closed competitive beta tester along with my team and a couple other teams for NWI, where we tested maps in Insurgency such as District, Minsitry, Panj, among a few others for any ability to exploit, and its viability in the competitive scene for Firefight/Ambush/VIP game modes.
  7. BroDawggg

    BroDawggg Crippling Depression

    If they're spots open still I guess I can help out tonight.
    Name: Bro/Cameron
    Rank: Currently 055 Col + Admin on MRP
    Ive lead 055 in the past also but due to me trying to move out I never had time for the faction.
    Hours: Over 2300 on MRP
    Reason: Ive been playing MRP for a bit now End of May/Beginning of June, and I just couldn't let it go it was so fun to meet the new friends I do now and try to help out the server in whatever way I can. Also I played on both your most current maps Predator and Colassal and I could easily make map suggestions with the predator map, the colossal map wasn't up long enough for me to get a feel of the map since I only played 20 minutes of it and went to bed. But with my experience I feel that I can easily make suggestions on the map and critique it if I see any problems with it. While I have no real experience on Map making and using Hammer editor, I talked to Dio last night and he gave me a few sneak peaks/unseen SS of the map and I feel that with the knowledge I already have with the new map (he showed me the Objectives Killhouse, Town and Airfield. He also showed me a little outpost hut at the edge of the map.) itll be easier to judge it since im going in with already knowing what the main points of the map already look like. Also me being a Admin I wouldnt look at the map in a wrong manner and complain about unnecessary things, like no Spetz Mt. I would look at the map as a unbiased staff member and make suggestions that make sense. So finally I'm free for both of those time zones
  8. OTF

    OTF Hardcore

    Hello my name is OTF I am very active uh super duper active and I want to become a beta-tester because I can help in any way possible i've been playing quite a big sense I quit (REDACTED) And I am willing to main the server again from last time I played MRP I am a fucking no life and want something to do over the time i'm awake so yeah that's the good reason why I want to become a beta-tester uhm I am not a cuban so you don't got to worry about that I am very cool and I just want to do something productive or something that caN help the server. And I like looking at maps so yeah. And tell you about all the map problems that I can find.
    Old ranks: Admin
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  9. Too late b. It's already over, the beta test that happened.
  10. Upland (Abu Ahrame)

    Upland (Abu Ahrame) Homesick Abortion

    Hi, my name is Upland
    I am currently the Director of Investigative Departments and the ex-DGEN of ANP along with being ex-Captain in 055 and a ex-MAJ in IJU.
    Reason for why I should be a beta tester, is due to the fact that I would rather want to find if the map has any major bugs, than exploring it for the sake of it being a new map.
    I would also want if I become a beta tester to find spots and such that can be used for trainings and such. The reason why this is important is because that way, we are prepared for re-working our tryouts and such. Also I think this could be a great way for me to help the community out, after being on LOA. Also the timing is very good, as it is morning for me, when the first beta testing would start and the second beta test would also fit very nicely into my timing.
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