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Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by bishopil, Apr 2, 2018.

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  1. Wendell

    Wendell Member

    +1 good staff on Dark RP
  2. Wendell

    Wendell Member

  3. +1 Everything stated above. Add me to refs -KushKat
  4. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker

    Wish I still had staff permison here to you warn you for shitpost
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  5. Flacko

    Flacko друг

    +1, black.
    great ex staff
  6. n1njan30

    n1njan30 Addict


    Contact a Manger or Gildarts to get your rank set and a HR member to get trained.

    I won't lie, I was on the fence about this, I wasn't sure whether to Accept or Deny this based off of what I have been told and my personal interactions with you. That being said, I have also seen how great you can be.

    @Toxic @Garnet Lock and move please. Any comments after this point will result in a forum warning.
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