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    Hey guys!
    I had re-packed the map with CS:S content for you guys that do not own CS:S :)
    If you're missing CS:S content, reinstall Garry's Mod (make sure to delete the folder "garrysmod" under the steam directory), reinstall, and reconnect to our server. Alternatively you can figure out your way around the /data folder and remove the bsp for chaharikar that's missing the CS:S content, reconnect to the server, and you will then reinstall the version that includes CS:S content.
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    I thought I might point out as well that if this method doesn't work you can try the method shown here - - that I've done myself as well as many others to get it in the past. I recommend downloading with mega, not the others.
  3. everytime i try to join it says i dont have the map downloaded and kicks me what do i do?
  4. it says "Your Map [maps/rp_chaharikar_garnet.bsp] differs from the server's"

    i can't get on
    do i uninstall the one i have?
  5. I need the map I already have all the CSS content it just wont let me download the map for some reason.
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