Could there be a possibility for a GG meet up in the future?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by FlyingDonutKid, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. FlyingDonutKid

    FlyingDonutKid Homesick Abortion

    Just curious to see if it's a possibility to have a community meetup later on. Though I guess highly unlikely it would be cool.
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  2. The.Batman

    The.Batman Human Resources Director

    Lol, that would be dope af.
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  3. Dillan

    Dillan Cappuccino

    Why would I ever want to meet you people? I can bearly stand you ingame and on TS telling me I can't aim.
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  4. Canadian Toast

    Canadian Toast good for inspiration, aren't I?

    I would rather scrape my skin off with rusty nails than have to spend 10 seconds with any of you in person.
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  5. Nasty^

    Nasty^ Fake Friend

    Meetup would be some faggots vaping, some still thinking dabbing is cool @adhd
  6. adhd

    adhd Godlike

    Lemme dab on you
  7. adhd

    adhd Godlike

    Icefuse will kill us all
  8. Garnet

    Garnet Asshole Owner

    I second this.
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  9. TomBomb247

    TomBomb247 Dumpster Baby

    id totally go for the shits and giggles. would cost a ton of money to get there tho lol
  10. Shrimp

    Shrimp Guest

    +1 if i get to beat the shit out of riley m
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  11. TomBomb247

    TomBomb247 Dumpster Baby

    animal cruelty is a crime in most states
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  12. Do you even R P?

    Do you even R P?


    "Dont go to the meetup tomorow" - Edgy icefuse user
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  13. Zoro

    Zoro Addict

    All Texas fags: We're gonna meet up in Houston and do a meet-up the Texas way. We'll go out to the range and shoot some shit up.
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  14. Homast

    Homast Crippling Depression

    There are like... 3 Canadian people on GG total. And 5 of them live on either side of the country.

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