Could there be a possibility for a GG meet up in the future?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by FlyingDonutKid, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Purpleblop

    Purpleblop Addict

    Comrade Edailu and I live around an hr away from eachother
  2. D3AD

    D3AD 게이 인증

    I'll meet up with you :p
  3. Cypher

    Cypher سايفر

    You're breaking the R A N G E R E T I Q U E T T E
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  4. Mel Ester

    Mel Ester Yes, Me and grace are e-dating

  5. To get some more IP's?

    Anyways, I'm in Seattle and I'm outta town, if anybody lives here I'll meet up with em
  6. Medinator

    Medinator Crippling Depression

    Garnet Gaming convention?
  7. The Anchorman

    The Anchorman Addict

    The day i participate in such thing is the day i slit my wrists with a butterfly knife on CS:GO.
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  8. gambler01dyer

    gambler01dyer Godlike

    That makes two of us but i'm southern so... *cocks shotgun*
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  9. Medinator

    Medinator Crippling Depression

    Yreeee haweee ima go fucke mah sistar
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  10. Sir Sloth

    Sir Sloth Godlike

    No thx, I'd prefer not getting molested by minors
  11. Nasty^

    Nasty^ Fake Friend

  12. Mel Ester

    Mel Ester Yes, Me and grace are e-dating

    Kill yourself, yeah if I meet someone it instantly get their ips
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  13. Nasty^

    Nasty^ Fake Friend

    fuckin ddoser
  14. SirMike

    SirMike Am I even ACTIVE anymore?

    So uh Europe anyone?
  15. Dillan

    Dillan Cappuccino


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