Cutting the ties with the MilitaryRP community

Discussion in 'Announcements & Rules' started by Garnet, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. Garnet

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    I thought you chose to go on reserves as a manager?
  2. w h a t s t h a t s u p p o s e d t o m e a n
  3. Im Dream

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    I'm not asking to change to a new map because of shadow/texture problems on the actual map, I'm asking if we could fix it, if yes then I can do it, I'm not asking Garnet to do it
  4. Bongerlord

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    little weenie bum
  5. Psych

    Psych Use logic. Don't be fucking stupid.

    He's right. Like I've said as well in post relating to it in every instance even if for the better a server changes the rp_downtown_v4c_v2 it begins to die if they don't switch it back.
  6. WillFabricate

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  7. XplodingU

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    Honestly why that happen'd was because A : They don't have the Workshop or B : They don't have CSS.
  8. snowman

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    OH SHIT @SythenMcSwiggity Is taken over
    I better move!

    On a serious note its sad to see you cut ties I heard you coming to lead VeGa?
  9. MRP Ban forgiveness oWo
  10. Gotham

    Gotham NLR

    Sorry to see you distance yourself Garnet. But food for thought, you shouldn't let the crowed of selfish entitled people get to you. You simply cannot please everyone, nor can you expect anyone to be kind or even intelligent in the ways they express their opinions. In fact, these negative people only reinforce the people that actually care about you and the sever even more. I've only been around for about two months, but I've grown completely hooked into the wonderful community that you and your executives worked to build. Now I've never really had a conversation with you or anything, but from what I've heard you're in a very stressful point in your life right now. It appears you don't have time to worry about the people who won't even take the time to compose their suggestions onto the forums. People like that aren't looking for things to be fixed, their looking to complain. No matter how much you try to please them, they will always look for something else to throw in your face. That's why I believe you shouldn't give them your time of day because they are simply not interested in not only being apart of the community, but also not interested in making it any better. Players seem to forget that they aren't entitled to anything from you. Not even donators aside from their in game purchases. I understand you wanting to distance yourself from toxicity, but I hope I've helped to a certain degree.:)
  11. I’m dissapointed to see that a good amount of people in this community don’t appreciate what you do for our fun an entertainment. Don’t listen to those people. You bust your ass for us to provide the best updates and features, and I appreciated every little thing you did for MRP when I was an MRP main. The fact that you take the time out of your adult life to make a large group of random strangers happy in a video game, I respect the hell out of you for that. The best you can do is stay positive, the people who support and appreciate your work for this community are much greater than the complainers.
  12. I just saw this comment made by you, my bad. I don’t want you to feel annoyed that I made that whole paragraph only for you to state that this isn’t the place for “Garnet Appreciation” lmao
  13. kamikazee dolphin

    kamikazee dolphin Mass RDMer

    im glad your finally going through with this as i have said in several past update posts dont let your hard work go down the drain because a few asshats decide to bitch and complain about the update because a. they have a shitty computer or b. are just ungratefull. you guys need to start being gratefull that we arent stuck on that shitty csdesert downtown map which we were stuck with for almost a year because everytime garnet made a map you all had to bitch and complain to him about your personal issues which then makes him scrap the map that he spent working on hours upon hours a day when he could be focusing on college work. so let this be a lesson be gratefull for what garnet is giving you guys.
  14. kamikazee dolphin

    kamikazee dolphin Mass RDMer

    dude people have been doing that to garnet for as long as i remember. for example when garnet finished the first map other than the first map made by [REDACTED] (the shitty downtown/csdesert combination)that we had for however long we had it.
  15. Garnet you have put in so much time into the server, and don't deserve any of this disrespect. Probably one of the best server owners, and that is why I love GG.

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