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    Updated: Feb 3rd, 2018
    Implemented: December 15th, 2017
    Promotions and Divisions Information


    - Occurs the 1st and 15th of every month.

    - Quotas are determined by division. All staff are in moderator division until trial admin.

    - All division promotion quotas include at least 15+ meaningful forums posts. Meaningful forum posts can include comments or threads on player reports, ban/warn appeals, moderator applications, server suggestions, or other similarly related threads. All +1/-1 decisions must include a reason.

    - Top sit mvp can be double promoted as determined by higher-ups.


    Moderators Division (VIP Moderator / Trial Moderator - Lead Moderator)

    - Description: Promote a higher standard of immersion and roleplay environment. Provide activity both in-game and on forums.

    - Quotas: 15+ forum posts and undetermined sit count based on the total number of sits resolved by staff.

    - 35 sits or less for demotion.

    Administrator Division (Trial Adminstrator+)

    - Join a division or complete 130+ sits and 15+forum posts to keep current your rank.

    - 55 sits or less for demotion.

    Operator Subdivision (Trial Adminstrator+)

    - Division Leader: Nyx

    - Description: Promote a safer environment on our physical server, handle the likes of staff/player reports within the forums.

    - Purpose: Serve as a peacekeeper to our community, whether it be by handling forum or in-game disputes and reports.

    - Quotas: 65+ sits, 5+ accept/deny decisions and 20+ forum posts. Must be trained by division leader before making forum decisions. Any reports left unreviewed by an operator member for 3+ days will be handled by a Manager+.

    - 25 sits or less for demotion.

    - Docs: Operator Docs

    Human Resources Subdivision (Trial Adminstrator+)

    - Division Leader: Nightbot

    - Description: Recruit potential staff members to join our staffing team, hold high-standard training sessions for new recruits and suggest changes to the recruitment/training process.

    - Purpose: Promote the growth and excellence of the Garnet Gaming staff team.

    - Quotas: Refer 1+ players and train 5 players (takes 1-2 hours), 40+ sits and make 15+ forum posts for promotion. Alternatively, train 6+ players, and make 15+ forum posts for promotion (no sits necessary).

    - 15 sits or less is demotion.

    - Docs: Human Resource Docs

    Intelligence Subdivision (Trial Adminstrator+)- Suspended until further notice

    - Division Leader: N/A

    - Description: Gather an intel of players criticism and aspiration towards our servers' development. Contribute to a detailed report bi-monthly which includes rule changes/additions, server bugs or glitches , D3A changes/additions, addon suggestions (within reason) and exploit identification. Report will be forwarded to Garnet.

    - Purpose: Improve server by giving an overview suggestions, being attentive to community criticism, and using prior experience as a Moderator to emphasize importance of suggestions/ideal additions overall.

    - Quotas: 5 individual suggestions (previously suggested on forums) submitted to division leader, 30+ sits and 15+ meaningful forum posts.

    - 15 sits or less is a demotion.
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