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Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by Garnet, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Questions And Answers
    You may use this thread to ask any general questions regarding staffing on Garnet Gaming prior to applying, by commenting on this thread!​
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    Had an arguement with Mel Ester today regarding Staffing.
    The staff rules for Dark RP specifically said
    Which mean that you are allow to staff on any server that is on Garnet - Both DarkRP and Military RP.
    But Mel Ester said this person can't duel staff on both DarkRP and Military RP because it staffing on 2 server. Which doesn't make any sense because the rule states COMMUNITY not SERVER.

    Need clarification.
  4. D3AD

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    I mean Ace has done it so has dude bro (< hes a fag tho) so has cracker you just need perms from both sa's i believe
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    Mel is a dumb boy then, Darkrp and MilitaryRP are part of the same community, "You may not staff on OTHER gaming community" not any other server, So any community outisde our MRP and DarkRP you can't staff on.

    @Mel Ester
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  6. Mel Ester

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  7. HelixDragon

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    Wheres the written proof. You going against written rules ;-; Im so conflicted ;c/

    It depends on how you define dual staffing - Commmunity Or SERVER.
  8. Mel Ester

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    Dual = consisting of two parts, elements, or aspects.
    Staffing = Working on a server to help it out
    Dual staffing is staffing on 2 things
  9. D3AD

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    Mel you are correct but its happened before with multiple people
  10. Mel Ester

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    I know they all had consent from supers or garnet cant you read
  11. D3AD

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    Yeah I can read you fucking cunt can you? Read my earlier post before making a retarded fucking remark
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    Refrain from calling other staff members out, and stop shit posting on this formal and pinned thread.

    You cannot staff on MRP and DRP at the same time, it is only allowed with a Super Admin's permission and if their staff team is low. It isn't in the rules because when people apply, we will know whether they're staff on the alternate server or not and then explain it to them. Reasons in the past for Ace's dual staffing was that the DarkRP staff team was low, and Dude Bro's dual staffing was because he was a Super Admin.

    Since when has dual staffing been differentiated depending on whether it is a community or server? If you're staff on two or more servers, you essentially dual staffing, as in staffing in multiple servers.
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  13. ReddPanda

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    Can i be unban i got ban for no reason
    server name is: McCheese Dick
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    Lmao This is already becoming a shitpost thread

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