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Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by Garnet, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Gmode

    Gmode Dark Rp Manager

    what did you do and what he blacklist you from?
  2. Garnet

    Garnet Asshole Owner

    Created alts to +1 his application. He's not getting unblacklisted.
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  3. Gmode

    Gmode Dark Rp Manager

    oh snaps sorry but if you have to do that then you need to stay blacklisted
  4. i would like to be a admin i own my own sever and i read all you raules
  5. IAreNemesis

    IAreNemesis The Green Guy

    As far as I know, we don't have anybody by the name of Raul. Sorry.
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  6. You cant dual staff, who tf is raules, and wouldnt +1 you mainly becauze of the horrendus grammar
    sorry im on a phone
  7. Verafly

    Verafly Porn Addiction

    Says you.
  8. Settings

    Settings Owner

    Says you.
  9. Spooky

    Spooky Porn Addiction

    Says me
  10. Gmode

    Gmode Dark Rp Manager

    Says her
  11. Nasty^

    Nasty^ Fake Friend

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  12. MyAppleJuice

    MyAppleJuice Godlike

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  13. Verafly

    Verafly Porn Addiction

    Help why is this happening I cause the mass shit posts help
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  14. Nightbot

    Nightbot Inactive Super Admi╬Ě

    Says you.
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