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    1. Do not RDM- Random Death Match; Killing players with no RP reason (disrespect, mic spam, or anything that would not result in damage being taken is not RP reasons to kill someone)
    2. Do not NLR- New Life Rule; Do NOT return to the scene of your death until the raiders have left the base. If NOT killed during a raid, players must wait 3 minutes before returning to their previous death scene.
    3. Do not disrespect or use racism to other members of the community when out-of-character (OOC) this includes the forums, OOC chat, and Administrator sits. Racism and disrespect via Adverts, text screens and broadcasts are also prohibited.
    4. Do not harass/grief/troll players of the community
    5. Do not spam via chat or your microphone.(This includes OOC, Advert, etc.)
    6. DDoS or the publicizing of other member's private information (DOX) will result in a permanent ban.(This includes all "hacking" threats)
    7. Do not prop minge/propsurf (aimlessly throw props around/trap other players/inappropriate use of a prop).
    8. Do not post links on the server/forums (this includes RP names. unless associated with Steam Community/ Garnet Gaming).
    9. Do not abuse exploits/loopholes, report those to staff members, and you may receive a reward!
    10. Do not stack/chain adverts (example: Raid/Assist/Mug/warn123/false/over, etc.).
    11. Adverts and broadcasts must be coherent.
    12. Do not impersonate other users(This includes having identical or similar names, and/or any staff member names).
    13. Admin decisions are final.
    14. Do not display pornography or otherwise graphic material.
    15. Do not demote players if staff are on.
    16. Do not build in the streets (unless your job allows for it: this includes partially blocking streets, checkpoints,
    megabases, etc.).
    17. Do not Fading Door Abuse (FDA: Abusing keys on your keyboard to open and close fading doors).
    18. Do not RP in spawn (Ex: Raping, Building, Mugging, shooting people etc.).
    19. Do not use /advert or /broadcast for Non-RP reasons.

    20. You may not host deathmatches with another party, unless you are both part of the Fight Club or you both agree to it.
    21. Do not body block/door spam (making it so players cannot pass you/ spamming e on a door to prevent it from being opened or close).
    22. Do not false report(reporting for no reason, to troll staff, etc.).
    23. You may not scam players(telling them you'll give them something and not follow through)

    24. You may steal by doing "/advert steal", if you do steal they have the right to kill you without countering
    25. You may only enter your base through your entrance unless you have a building sign up.
    26. Do not run into spawn to avoid an RP situation.
    27. You may not physgun your printer(s) to avoid it from being stolen.
    28. You may not kill civil protection when wanted unless they are making an attempt to arrest you.
    29. You may not leave a sit unless declared over by a moderator
    30. Only Manager+ can have invisible names/jobs in rp situations. Admin+ can have invisible names if spectating.
    31. You may not use keybinds to fade and unfade fading doors during an RP situation. (Example: Using a keybind to open fading doors during a raid).
    32. You may not afk in a base while building
    33. Metagaming is prohibited. (use of OOC or PM to affect the given RP situation you or others are related in). (Example: /OOC “I'm being raided *name* come help me!).
    34. You may not text screen minge.
    35. Do not interrupt sits.
    36. Do not change your name more than 3 times within 5 minutes.
    1. KOS lines only apply to interiors (the insides of a building).

    2.) Obscure KOS signs (signs that blend in with building or materials), and conditions such as "KOS IF LOITERING" are prohibited.
    3. Your base must be raidable by all classes with raiding capabilities - CPs and thieves.
    4. If you wish to construct your base without getting raided, you must place down a textscreen reading "Building" onto the exterior. (If you have a building sign placed on the building you're basing in, and are activity building, you're immune to muggings and raids against yourself. You may not raid nor mug if you're building as well. While your building sign is placed, you shouldn't have any valuables/entities (except other players) inside your base. ex: Placing printers inside the base with a building sign.)
    5. You may not possess raidables when building; any purchasable F4 items.
    6. No crouch bases (forcing another user to crouch in order to enter your base).
    7. No faulty keypads (keypads disconnected from a fading door).
    8. Do not materialize or hide keypads/buttons.
    9. All entities are considered props - this includes cameras, textscreens, etc.
    10. Keypads must be visible and directly beside the prop which they operate.
    11. You must own all of the exterior doors to a building in order to build upon it.
    12. You may block off excess entrances to your base. I.E: windows, backdoors.
    13. You may not have more than 4 fading doors operated by keypads per base; players should only have to crack each keypad once upon entry and once upon exit.
    14. All keypads must have a hold length of at least 6 seconds.
    15. You may not have a base designed to trap people.
    16. Maze bases are not allowed.
    17. Blackout/Colorout bases are not allowed.
    18. No invisible props, buttons or keypads.
    19. You may not no-collide props to act as hidden doors.
    20. You must be active within a base which you own the doors for.
    21. Do not set up an unfair advantage in a firefight within your base, I.E: Where you can see and shoot someone, but they cannot see or shoot back or any other unfair advantage.
    22. You may not own multiple buildings unless your job allows for it.
    23. You may not build on roofs used for staff situations.
    24. You may only kill someone inside your base as long as you have a KOS sign outside.
    25. Fences must be translucent aka (See-Through)
    26. You may not have a building, kos sign at the same time.
    27. The lobby of PD must be accessible at all times. You cannot make it AOS/KOS to enter the lobby with a textscreen or law.
    28. You may not spawn/edit lights with to a brightness over 512 and a magnitude of 2
    29. You may not roleplay while a building sign is in place.
    30. Every fading door must have a keypad or button.
    1. You may not raid people who have a building text screen on their base, neither can you raid when having a base build in progress.
    2. Raids can last up to 10 minutes
    3. If you die defending a base during a raid you may not return to the base until the raiding party has left the base.
    4. There is a 20-minute cooldown if you want to raid the same player(s) or the PD once again.
    5. You may not build during a raid.
    6. You may not lockpick or keypad crack until you have adverted raid.
    8. You may not raid hobo huts/structures.
    9. You may not raid the cinema.
    10. You may not kill nearby players unless they're inside the building in which you're raiding. You may kill Owner'(s) of base/CPs and or people who are countering if they're outside.
    11. You may only open your fading door(s) with a bind during Non-RP situations During RP situations you must use your keypad(s)
    RP Situation Examples: Raiding, Getting Chased, Getting Mugged etc.
    12. If you are planning on transporting raided printers in public you must still be raiding
    13. If you want to take/destroy raided printers in transport you must first advert "steal/counter"
    14. You may not chain raid. (Example: Assisting to avoid your initial cool down.)
    1. You may mug someone for a maximum of $5,000.
    2. You must wait 5 minutes between each mug.
    3. Your target must be aware they are being mugged.
    4. You may not mug players who are AFK or have a building text screen on their base.
    5. You must provide your victim with 10 seconds to drop the cash, you may chase after them if they disobey, and may shoot them when 10 seconds have passed.
    6. During mugs, you may not strip someone of their rights to run or fight back.
    7. If the victim drops the cash you may not kill them
    1. You may KOS anyone who shoots a member of your party.
    2. When assisting your party in raids/mugs you MUST advert assist.
    3. If your party has 5 people or more in it, you may conjoin nearby bases together, in order to "megabase" - however, you may not build across or obstruct public areas such as streets or other properties. I.E: Bridges, checkpoints, etc.
    4. You may KOS anyone who is mugging or raiding a party member, or breaking a party member's KOS sign.
    1. To propose a gang war you must use /advert Gang War? (Accept/Deny)
    2. To propose or accept/deny a gang war you must be the gang leader.
    3. Gang wars can last up to 10 minutes, if a leader wishes to end early, they must advert "Crips Surrender" or "Bloodz Surrender".
    4. There is a 30-minute cooldown for gang wars.
    5. Keep pedestrians out of it, avoid firing at anyone besides rival gang members (shooting others in "crossfire" will result in an RDM count).

    Autism Researcher
    1. You are restricted from using any weapons other than a knife.
    2. You may open a clinic to test the public for autism & AIDS
    3. You may not own printers or perform illegal actions.
    4. You may not be raided or mugged.

    1. You may create a bank where you can legally store printers for a fee.
    2. You may not withhold the printer or its money with from a client.
    3. You may not destroy a client's printers.
    4. You may not own a weapon larger than a pistol.

    Bounty Hunter
    1. Bounties may only be placed by the automated bounty system.
    2. You may only raid if it is to complete a bounty.

    Cinema Owner
    1. You may not deny customers the right to pay for entry.
    2. You may not charge more than $5,000 for entry.
    3. You may not play/promote pornography or sexually explicit content under any circumstances.
    4. You may not have printers or drugs.
    5. You may not base or participate in illegal activities like raid, assist, or counter.
    6. You may not use any weapon larger than a knife.
    7. You may not display any nudity in the cinema under any circumstances it's your responsibility to stop other players from also breaking this rule you may be held accountable.
    8. Cinema Owners are immune to raids, and muggings.

    1. You may counter illegal activities.
    2. You may not perform illegal activities such as mugging or raiding.
    3. You may own money printers and base.

    Crips & Bloodz Leader
    1. You may lead your gang in raids and mugs, as well as create a base for you and your gang to store printers in.
    2. You may propose a gang war to the rival gang using /advert Gang War? (Accept/Deny).
    3. You may accept/deny gang war proposals.
    4. You may megabase, although it cannot be in or across the street. You need at least 2 or more Crips or Bloodz members to mega base. You cannot take up more than 3 buildings.

    Crips & Bloodz Member
    1. You must follow the orders of, and base with, the gang leader. If there is no leader currently on, you must base with other members.
    2. You may perform illegal activities, i.e. raids, mugging, own printers.
    3. Members must be accompanied by another member or leader in order to raid. (Under consideration)
    4. Members of the rival gang are only KOS during gang wars.

    Civil Protection - Police Warden; Police Officer; Police Chief; Spartan; Terminator; SWAT Team; Undercover Officer
    1. You may not base, own doors, or build, not even in the PD.
    2. You must enforce the laws of the city.
    3. You may not perform illegal actions.
    4. You may not randomly want or warrant.
    5. You may not Stun Stick Abuse (SSA).
    6. You may counter without adverting.
    7. Civil Protection may break NLR ONLY DURING PD RAIDS.
    8. You may not unarrest without permission from Mayor or Warden. If there is no Mayor or Warden, you may unarrest, but you must have a reason.
    9. You may not arrest someone for having a gun out in their own base, or if they damage or kill someone who broke their KOS rule.
    10. You may only warrant for raid if you SEE raidables, you may not if you hear them or think that they have them.
    11. You may not kill arrested players unless they are out of their jail cell without permission from the Mayor or the Warden.
    12. Police Warden may build, but only in the jail of the PD.
    13. Only the Mayor can create the KOS sign for the PD, if there is no mayor, then the Police Chief, if there is no Police Chief or Mayor, you may not have a KOS sign.

    Custom Classes
    1. You may mug and raid.
    2. You may own a base and printers.
    3. You may not climb SWEP abuse.
    5. You may counter illegal activities.

    Dealers - Import/Export, Black Market, Drug Dealer, and Bartenders
    1. You must be available to sell at all times.
    2. You may not deny a customer.
    3. You may not self-supply unless there is no one else available.
    4. You may own printers as another means of income.
    5. You may not perform illegal activities, I.E: raids, mugging, countering.
    6. You may not base with raiding classes.

    Fight Club Manager
    1. You may build an arena for your fight club members to brawl.
    2. You may set all terms for the brawl and oversee it.
    3. You may not perform illegal activities such as raiding, mugging, but you may own printers
    4. You may only have fight club members base with you.
    5. You are to take money from betters on who they think will win, and give the winner their
    money back, and some of the money from the loser, you keep the rest of the losers money.

    Fight Club Member & Fight Club Medic
    1. You may only base with the Fight Club Manager.
    2. As a fight club member, you are to have fights with terms set by the fight club manager.
    3. You may not perform illegal actions such as raiding and mugging, but you may own printers.
    4. As a Fight Club Medic, you are to heal the brawlers when the Fight Club Manager sees fit.
    5. You may only heal people who are members of the fight club.

    Hitman & Assassin
    1. Hits may only be placed using the E menu.
    2. You may raid only if necessary to complete a hit.
    3. You may counter all illegal activities.
    4. You may not have a base or printers.

    Hobo & Hobo Lord
    1. You may not block off streets.
    2. You must base outdoors.
    3. You may not perform any illegal activities, such as money printing.
    4. You may mic spam using only your voice, instruments, no media such as videos.
    5. You may not own a gun larger than a pistol.
    6. Hobos may not have KOS signs.
    7. Hobos are immune to lockdowns, raids, and muggings, Furthermore their donation box may not be stolen.
    8. You may only build small huts, nothing else. No larger than a 6x6 plate in length in width.
    9. You may not spawn props randomly around the map, they must be part of your hut.
    10. You may not create toll booths.
    11. You may not build on roofs.
    12. You may not counter illegal activities.

    1. You may base, as long as you make it accessible to the public.
    2. You may propblock your boombox.
    3. You may not play unnecessarily loud music, or music with offensive/racist content.

    Hotel Manager

    1. You may not own printers, meth, weed, etc. as a source of income.
    2. You may not perform illegal activities, I.E: raids, mugging, countering.
    3. You may evict players from their hotel room with proper reasoning as long as they bought the room after you became the manager.
    4. You may not base or build anywhere other than the inside of the hotel located in the city; different from the suburbs.
    5. You may use weapons and mercenaries/body guards to protect your establishment.
    6. You may refuse to offer a room to a player with correct reasoning. I.E: Cannot afford a room, breaking KOS rules, etc.
    7. You may charge players as much as you want to purchase a room, however, you may not forcefully tax players after so. ex: Forcing players to pay you to stay in their rooms.
    8. You must stay inside the hotel as the manager.
    9. You may not counter illegal activities.

    1. You may not perform illegal activities unless the laws specifically dictate so.
    2. You may only build inside the PD.
    3. If you call a lockdown, you must explain your reason for the lockdown via "/broadcast"
    4. You may not create laws that clash with default laws.
    5. No KOS laws.
    6. No J-walking laws.
    7. No minge laws.
    8. Gun licenses can cost up to $5,000.
    9. You may not make hitmen with "Hit Accepted" above their heads AOS.
    10. You may allow certain players permission to enter PD and spend time with you past 2nd door, but they may not

    enforce your KOS rules.
    11. You may not have laws or textscreens that make disrespect aos/kos.
    You may not be in the same party as any raiding classes.
    13. You may not stay in spawn to avoid being killed.
    14. You may not create laws to restrict jobs and owning shops (Example: AOS if hobo, or AOS if owning a shop).
    15. Lockdowns can last up to 5 minutes maximum with a 5-minute cooldown.You must give a valid reason for a lockdown such as (Mass law breaking, PD Raid, Assassination attempt etc.) The mayor must broadcast a warning 30 seconds before lockdown begins.
    Mayor's Wife
    1. You must base in the PD alongside the mayor.
    2. You may not perform illegal activities.
    3. You may counter illegal activities.
    4. You may not base with other people.

    1. You may not own a gun larger than a pistol.
    2. You may assist in raids, but you may only assist by healing.
    3. You may not call your own raids, mug, or own printers.
    4. You may set up a clinic in which you may charge players money to be healed, or be hired as a personal medic.

    Meth Manufacturer
    1. You may not raid or mug, the only illegal action you may perform is cooking meth, money printing, and weed.
    2. You may counter illegal activities.
    3. You may only base with other dealers or with raiding classes.

    1. You may be paid by a client to protect them and act as their body guard inside and outside their base.
    2. You may base with your client.
    3. You may participate and assist with raids and mugs with your client.
    4. You may counter illegal activities.

    1. You may not raid or mug.
    2. You may use money printers and base.
    3. You may not climb SWEP abuse (Ex: Hitting players with the Climb SWAP for no reason)
    4. You may not own a gun larger than a pistol.
    5. You may not counter illegal activities.

    1. You may counter illegal activities.
    2. You may not raid or mug.
    3. You may own printers and base.
    4. You may not own a gun larger than a pistol.

    Protective Drone
    1. You may be hired by a master to protect them both in and out of their base.
    2. You may base with your master and store printers inside of their base.
    3. You may also assist your master in actions such as raiding and mugging.
    4 You may counter illegal activities with your master (if your master's job allows them to.)

    Raiding Classes - Thief; Cyber Thief; Franklin; Michael; Trevor; CJ; Alyx; Custom Classes
    1. You may mug and raid.
    2. You may own a base and printers.
    3. You may not climb SWEP abuse (Ex: Hitting players with the Climb SWAP for no reason)
    4. You may counter illegal activities.

    Secret Service
    1. You are to be with the mayor at all times and defend him.
    2. If no mayor is appointed, you must act as a normal CP.

    Security Guard
    1. You may protect your client's base interior.
    2. You may not act as a guard for your client outside of the base.
    3. You may own printers and store them in the base you are guarding.
    4. You may not act as a security guard for the PD.

    1. You may not perform illegal actions other than rape.
    2. You may counter illegal activities.
    3. You may own printers and base.
    4. You may steal STD medication from victims without advertising “steal”.
    5. You may not own a gun larger than a pistol.
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  2. Garnet

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    Rules updated February 3rd, 2017!
  3. Evity


    Rules updated April 19th, 2017
  4. Evity


    Update April 21st, 2017!
    Just a little small update on some rules and adding some unwritten rules.

    Players that scam may now face consequences.
    You also must now advert steal convenient for staff to keep track of killing due to stealing.
    False reporting is a waste of staffs time.

    The raid cool down has been lowered to 20 minutes.


    You can no longer use binds for your doors while being raided or in a RP scenario.
    An unspoken rule for the cinema owner.
    Updated rule for civil protection it only accounted for printers not other items such as drugs.
    And now to the hobos there build size has been lowered.

    if you have any questions or concerns feel free to pm me
    thanks for the format @Garnet
  5. Evity


    Update July 23rd, 2017!
    Today we had a staff meeting to clear up some unwritten and unclear rules.









    if you have any questions or concerns feel free to pm me
  6. Nyx

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    Updated November 10th 2017!
    Building and Basing

    If you have any questions or concerns feel free to pm me.
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