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    1. Introduce yourself and congratulate them on becoming staff.
    2.To start out bring them to adminland. Set their job to "staffonduty".
    3. Have them join the TeamSpeak server using either ts.garnetgaming.net or
    4. Make sure the trainee has a forum account. Show them how to find D3A handbook and server rules.
    I. Binds
    1. bind "key" "say /logs"
    Explain different tabs.
    As an example of how to use the logs, do damage to the trainee and have them copy the line in damage logs.
    2. bind "key" "say /reportsadmin"
    Briefly explain command.
    3. bind "key" "say /id"
    Go over when to use steamid vs. in-game name
    /id command can be used in two ways. Explain how.
    4. bind “key” “say /adminmode”
    Explain command.
    When is it allowed?
    II. Commands
    1. /help
    Trainee can also reference D3A handbook for other commands.
    2. Tp
    Have them test /bring and /goto on you.
    When can you TP to higher ups? What about sits?
    3. Noclip.
    Default bound to “v”
    4. /cleardecals and /nolag
    Do not use these commands!
    5. /jail
    Do example jail
    Explain when jail can be used.
    Max. time is 5 minutes.
    6. Warns
    Explain command usage
    Provide examples of valid warn reasons (RDM, FailRP, Failbase, etc.)
    Warn database can be viewed via /warnmenu
    Explain warn stacking and when to use it.
    7. /mutechat and /mutevoice
    Explain command use
    These are toggleable commands; same command is used to mute or unmute a player.
    8. /unown
    Must be looking at door to use.
    Must be on duty.
    9. /roof
    Teleports you to a random (and sometimes occupied) roof.
    /roof <playername> will teleport you to a random roof with the player.
    10. /po
    Checks status of bans via /po <steamid>
    11. Admin keypad checker
    Create an example fading door and keypad in game.
    Any questions? Have them look through D3A handbook and ask questions about commands they may have.
    III. Ban Info
    Ban format: @!ban (steamid) (time) (reason) (Your Name)
    Time ex.) 5 minutes, 2 days, 2 months, 1 week
    Have them type out an example ban for Mass RDM+LTAP.Tell them to use STEAM:0:00000000
    Any questions?
    IV. Server Rules Test
    1. Show this picture, and ask whats wrong with it. http://prntscr.com/h8h3ot.
    A: Keypads not long enough, Kos and building sign, loitering sign, and have to crouch to keypad crack
    2. What is wrong with the advert (Raid/Assist/Counter Im gonna get yo ass)
    3. Can CC jobs have racist names? Can you be racist in voice chat? Can you have racist words on a text screen? How about in /ooc or @ chat?
    4. Can you disrespect players via voice chat? In /ooc? In mayor's laws?
    5. Can players run around with a text screen? (A: NO! It’s considered prop minge.)
    6. Scenario: A player is transporting a printer. How could you steal/destroy that printer?
    7. Who can enforce a KOS sign? (A: Party members, co-owner of doors.)
    8. After raiding a base, how long until you can raid that same base again? What is max. raid duration?
    9. Can the mayor have KOS laws?
    10. Who can put a textscreen in PD?
    11. Minimum amount of time on keypads? Max. amount of fading doors? Can you have printer vaults? (A: Yes but they can’t be able to hold players.)
    12. What material must fences be?
    13. How do you determine if someone is building a base? What are they not allowed to have in their base while building?
    14. Can you have an obscure textscreen? A textscreen with small font size and/or blends into building?
    15. What is the only job that can break NLR during a raid?
    16. Can you kill CP if they are chasing after you with the arrest batton out?
    17. When can players be demoted?
    18. Can police warrant if they hear a meth stove in a base? How about if they see printers?
    19. Can players use /advert assist to bypass raid cooldowns?
    20. Can hobos mic spam? What are their limitations?
    21. Can players build swastikas or offensive symbols? On textscreens?
    22. What is FDA? What counts as FDA?
    23. Are players required to advert pd raid?
    24. Can players pm base codes or use
    25. Can you roleplay in spawn? Can you run in spawn to avoid a mug?
    26. Are hitmen/assassins allowed to raid a base in order to complete a hit?
    27. Can hobos build on admin roofs?
    28. In what ways can medics assist in raids?
    29. Can the mayor have a “kos if dealer” law?
    30. Are players required to advert raid prior to entering a base?
    31. What is the cooldown between each mug? Max. Max mug amount?
    Any questions? Have them go through the rules and ask any additional questions.
    V. Staff Rules Test
    1. When can you take your own sit?
    2. How do you determine who owns a base (which logs do you check? What about interior vs. exterior doors?)
    3. How many kills is Mass RDM?
    4. What does NITRP mean and what qualifies a ban for NITRP?
    5. What does LTAP mean and what qualifies as LTAP?
    6. What divisions are Tmods/Vip mods in? What is the purpose of that division?
    7. What is the punishment for dissing a player/staff in a sit? What is the punishment for leaving a sit?
    8. Can a reportee offer money to a reporter in a sit to avoid a punishment?
    What do you if a player is afk with a base or props?
    9. What logs do you check to determine if someone is building during a raid?
    10. Can you modify your job name while on duty?
    11. Can you have a base with printers as staff on duty?
    12. What is the different between mass propspam and mass propblock.
    13. When can you request a promotion?
    14. True/False: Sits do not have a max time limit to finish.
    15. What is the ban length and reason if a hobo mass rdms with a shotgun?
    Any questions?
    If the trainee gets lower than a 50% on either test, have them read over the that set of rules, and test them again once they feel prepared. If a trial moderator fails, the staff trainer can request demotion from manager+
    VI. Helpful Sit Tips
    1. Make sure you get screenshots of logs every time you discipline a player.
    2. Make sure the person being disciplined knows what rule they broke before warning/jailing them.
    3. Immediately freeze a player if they are breaking a serious rule (spawn propblock, mass rdm, etc.)
    4. Check sit reason before teleporting players. Some reports require you to teleport to the reporter.
    5. Explain what to do if a player disconnects (reportee or reporter.)
    6. You can let the reporter decide if they want the reportee to be disciplined (warn, warn+jail) or receive a verbal warning. The decision is ultimately yours.
    7. Staff can jail+warn players for breaking 2 rules. Breaking 3 rules can result in a 2 day ban for NITRP.
    8. You are not required to teleport witnesses.
    9. Use /playtime to determine if the reportee is new to the server. Use /warnmenu to check warns. 5 active warns is a ban and 3 is a kick.
    10. If you need a prop removed contact a trial admin+
    VII. First sits
    1. Have the trainee use the /roof command. Create an example report and explain the report panel.

    2. Optional: Do an example sit
    3. Spectate at least 3/4 sits providing advice for the first 2 sits.
    VII. Concluding Info.
    Add trainee on steam.
    What to do if you need help? (A: Use @ chat or contact another staff on steam!)
    Off duty/on duty. What’s the difference?
    How to go on LOA.
    What if you mistakenly warn/ban a player?
    Quotas. When do promotions happen? Keep track of your sits!
    Make sure they have a forum account
    Write down the name of their forum account and give to Nyx or Nightbot
    Congratulate the trainee for becoming a member of the Garnet Gaming administration team.
    Follow up in 2 days on steam
    to see if they have any questions
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    Also I should note that this is a repost of the one that Evity had pinned however since I was no longer able to edit the thread it was easier to make a new one than to contact Evity to update the guide.
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