Davidson Resignation

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  1. George Lianos

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    "Robbery in the First Degree is a class B violent felony offense in New York. If a person is convicted of robbery in the first degree, he must receive a minimum of at least 5 years in state prison, unless he is under 19 at the time of the offense and receives "youthful offender" treatment. Other than that, a person convicted of robbery in the first degree must go to prison for at least 5 years. No probation. No slap on the wrist. No programs. Just state prison."
    "Robbery in the Second Degree is a Class C violent felony offense in New York. If a person is convicted of robbery in the second degree, he must receive a minimum of at least 3 1/2 years in state prison (unless eligible for Youthful Offender). Unless the person is eligible for and the judge and prosecutor are persuaded to grant Youthful Offender status, there is no better alternative for sentencing purposes than the 3 1/2 year mandatory minimum sentence. Probation is not an option. There are no programs. No slap on the wrist. Just state prison."
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  2. Shrimp

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  3. AustinDatDude

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    It’s 12 but why tf did you rob someone
  4. Cella420

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    only known u for a few days davidson but u real af bro. +1 has the ice out the machine

    GL with court lil niggi
  5. Shrimp

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    log off
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  6. Gucci Panda

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    let me know when we can talk again is today your last time on?
  7. Sped

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    rip a real nigga
  8. Nyx

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    why the fuck would you rob someone
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  9. ItsTJxx

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    Rip My man, good luck. It was fun knowing u, hope u will remember about my average nose ;-;
  10. tgon95

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    it only feels like yesterday we were looking at rileys ass
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  11. Mel Ester

    Mel Ester Yes, Me and grace are e-dating

    Put you down like a dog in my neighborhood :[
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  12. The Anchorman

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    Idk what was going on in your head by robbing, but good luck in court.
  13. Garnet

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    Literally talked so much shit to this dude, and said he's a wanna-be asian gangster. Fuck me haha.
    I hope all goes well with your court dates, you were a funny guy.

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