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Discussion in 'Army' started by Sneaky Goose, Jan 10, 2018.

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  1. Sneaky Goose

    Sneaky Goose No Life Goals

    Name: Jerry Mitchell

    Age: 19

    SteamID? : STEAM_0:1:59390202

    Hours on Server?: As of the 2016 time logger, 1000+

    How active can you be on the server?: 10 hours on weekends. (I managed to lead MP for 3 months with this same exact schedule.)

    Recommendations?: None

    Have you received any bans, if so, what for?: 1 ban for mass RDM in February (misunderstanding of rescuing)

    Are you a staff member or have been one? (state rank if applicable, highlight rank red if you are not staff anymore): Admin

    List Officer Ranks held, including faction affiliated (Highlight highest in green):
    - 31A PMG (Gen)
    - 11A LTG
    - 11ASR COL/LTC
    - 75R WO1 (Application)

    About yourself? (3 ‘big boy’ sentences minimum): I am a learning Mechanical Engineer Technologist and an avid musician. I also have an interest in computers and computer building. I used to be in marching band back in high school and was the leader of the trombone section from sophomore year till graduation. I have an interest in the military which is why I mained the MRP server more than DRP.

    Why would you like to take ahold of Army (3 ‘big boy’ sentences minimum): I would like to take a hold of Army to improve on its discipline and its overall asthetic. I would also like to improve on the frequency of tryouts as I heard many enlisted comlaining about the lack of any tryouts. I would also like to take a hold of Army as it was my first and probably only main faction in the server.

    What are the responsibilities that you would give yourself, as a GA?:
    I would give myself the responsibility of maintaining the docs and overseeing Army officers and affairs between fellow soldiers, as well as executing new regulations to improve the faction where ever necessary.

    What are some changes you would like to make to Army?:

    - Increase the frequency of tryouts.
    - Establish a definitive OCS for enlisted to become officers
    - Fix the ranking scheme and procedures to match that of the real life US Army
    - Establish a NCOS for players to transfer from SPC (junior enlisted) to CPL (NCO). This should reduce the minge count.
    - Establish WO ranks as specialists rather than a buffer between Enlisted and Officers
    - Kick out officers who are not pulling any weight in the faction

    Do you understand, we can disqualify you, simply based off ban records, and previous offenses?: Yes, I understand.

    Do you understand that failure to keep up activity, can result in a removal entirely of your rank?: Yes, I understand.
  2. D3AD

    D3AD 게이 인증


    I mean he might not be able to get on during the week but he is one of the best god damn leaders this server and Army has seen.
  3. -1 sorry Jerry but in my opinion the higher ranked you are the more active you need to be.
  4. Sneaky Goose

    Sneaky Goose No Life Goals

  5. bishopil

    bishopil Crippling Depression

    I disagree with most of your plans for army. I don’t think players need training to become a CPL; this is just a rank you receive when you’re experienced enough to leave base all by yourself.

    I disagree with the officer training as well. Maybe a quick run through of how tryouts should be held, but by the time you reach officer you should be able to do these things on your own.

    On top of that,
  6. Sneaky Goose

    Sneaky Goose No Life Goals

    It's not a tryout for the rank. It's just a test to see if players know the all of the ROE's and if they know how to exercise common sense.
  7. bishopil

    bishopil Crippling Depression

    This is what tryouts exercise. If they don’t know their ROEs’ and such, they will fail and learn. Tryouts will kind of do that job regardless.
  8. Sneaky Goose

    Sneaky Goose No Life Goals

    Alright, if you say so.
  9. D3AD

    D3AD 게이 인증

    OCS has been a thing for a long time (Officer Training) just so you know.
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  10. bishopil

    bishopil Crippling Depression

    Oh I know, but I hope it becomes discontinued as it serves no real purpose.
  11. Upland (Abu Ahrame)

    Upland (Abu Ahrame) Homesick Abortion

    Jerry, you would be my nro. 1 pick if I could decide it, but the fact is activity is such an important thing for O-11, not being able to be on during week times can basicaly crumble your faction.
    This is why I sadly have to -1 you.
  12. Sneaky Goose

    Sneaky Goose No Life Goals

    No problem. Understandable.
  13. OpTic Gunnner

    OpTic Gunnner No Life Goals

    Do you think You can work Well being a GA with your Very Low Time Being able to be on?
  14. Sneaky Goose

    Sneaky Goose No Life Goals

    I literally ran MP with the same schedule. All I would be doing is revising Army to fix anything people want to be fixed and things that are not working or don't make sense. I would also monitor Army affairs to keep people in line.
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  15. WarmPupper

    WarmPupper No Life Goals

    +1, I still thank Jerry for saving my squeaky ass back in ‘16 from the one and only Nathan Willkie back in MP. On the other hand, he is a great leader, no further comments needed.
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