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Discussion in 'Army' started by tropic, Jan 11, 2018.

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  1. tropic

    tropic Hardcore

    Name: Simon Gaunt
    Age: 16
    SteamID? : STEAM_0:0:148193745
    Hours on Server?: | Navy SRO LCDR Simon Gaunt has played for 521:23:32.
    How active can you be on the server?: I can and do put upwards of 6-8 hours on the server everyday and even more on the weekends. This may change during the exams coming up in the next few months or if i go to work but as of right now I can be active when ever needed.
    Recommendations?: Vivianne
    Have you received any bans, if so, what for?: Nope
    Are you a staff member or have been one? (state rank if applicable, highlight rank red if you are not staff anymore): Currently T-Mod
    List Officer Ranks held, including faction affiliated (Highlight highest in green): Army Major, Navy Lieutenant Commander(transfered)

    About yourself? (3 ‘big boy’ sentences minimum):
    Hi im Lewis, im from Glasgow Scotland and I am currently attending Secondary School. I spend pretty much all of my free time playing Gmod or chilling watching Netflix/Youtube. Im a big Ice Hockey fan, I enjoy watching my local team Braehead Clan at there home the Braehead Arena, even though they are shit its still a great atmosphere and the closest ill get to seeing the top pros playing Hockey. Im also a massive Capitals fan, I religiously support my boy Ovi and if you say Crosbys better ill fucking beat you. I plan on taking an apprenticeship towards the end of this year if things go all well with school, either that or going to college for a bit then onto facing the working world.

    Why would you like to take ahold of Army (3 ‘big boy’ sentences minimum):

    I know how Army works and I have a vision of how things should be run. I rose through the ranks of Army quickly and learned a lot of things from the Army Generals and Officers and would love to be in the position they were in. I would ultimately like to prove my self to the server and prove that I have the ability to run a faction.

    What are the responsibilities that you would give yourself, as a GA?:

    I would be responsible for making sure everything in Army is running smoothly. I would do this by making sure each individual rank knows their role in the faction and is capable as well as compitent to take on their rank. I would keep a watch over USASF to make sure they are regularly holding tryouts, training and sims(I wouldnt get in the way of GB, id allow the Colonel to make most if not all of the big decisions and would only step in if it made sense to. IE Mass Promo, lack in tryouts,sims,training or any criticism i have towards USASF).

    What are some changes you would like to make to Army?:
    I would like to improve how OCS is run. Sure Officer Candidate School is a thing, but it lacks in sessions. Army has striving WO/CWOs staying exetremely loyal to the faction and havent been given the opportunity to show them selves as an officer yet. I would place an American high ranking officer in charge of OCS, there fore he would meet the time zone of most of the people that play on Army and would be available to host OCS sessions when ever deemed fit.
    I would also implement Warrant Officer Candidate School, this would be a few simple drills to prepare the SNCOs for becoming a WO, upon completion of such they will be WO qualified and would be promoted to said rank when their CSM cool down has ended.

    Mandatory Training
    I would bring back mandatory training. By bringing it back i would rework the docs completely to adjust to the Chaharikar map and would have my self and a few enlisted/officers test it to make sure it doesnt seem pointless or take to much time to complete. MT would mostly consist of sims, trigger discipline and war tactics.
    After completion of MT NCOs would be promoted if deemed fit by the CO.
    Mandatory Training would be run 2-3 times a week.

    Army lacks in one key feature, communication. I would push the TS channel as much as possible and would consider making it mandatory to SNCOs. The Army TS channel is always empty then you look down at other entry factions and they are packed. Those that use TS and provides call outs and communicates well would be promoted.

    Do you understand, we can disqualify you, simply based off ban records, and previous offenses?:
    Yes i understand.
    Do you understand that failure to keep up activity, can result in a removal entirely of your rank?: Yes i understand.
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  2. sam ☻

    sam ☻ Barista Chink ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    This kid is dedicated af and has such strong leadership qualities.
    He knows what he's doing, he's smart, he's fair in everything, and I'm 100% sure he would definitely make a great GA.
    Add me to recommendations.

    Edit: if you -1 because he's a "random" suck my cock
  3. +1 Active, Friendly, And shows great Leadership
  4. Bradazz

    Bradazz NLR

    +1 fucking amazing WO, havnt really seen him as a CO. but still. "ill beat you." May be a joke, but keep it to in game PMS not on your GA app
  5. +1 One, great army officer, its honestly a shame you transferred out. You were fantastic
  6. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker

    I'm pleased to tell you, that you will be moving on to the interview stages of this application process. You will have until tomorrow 12am to contact me, if I end up not on tomorrow (for whatever reason that may pop up) You will be given an extra day to get a hold of me. I personally would love to sink my teeth into your plans to encourage more communication, and your ideas of setting it forth. Though I will say with your plans of MT, trigger discipline isn't a heavy set need, as all you should have to do, is explain to them when they can and cannot shoot.
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  7. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker

    I'm simply sorry to put it, the biggest problem is that you're 5 hours ahead of EST, as you live in the UK, I am excited though, how you develop as an Officer within Navy! Keep up the good work
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