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  1. rgw41700

    rgw41700 Newbie

    I was playing on the dark rp server the night of septermber 12th around 9:45 when my gun shop in game was raided, chawhaed was the one raiding so he said i was fading door abusing and said he was gonna warn me and i told him that from prior experience that i had heard the admins cant warn while off duty, i now know i was wrong, but the point is he pulled me into an admin sit just to lecture me about what admins can and cant do and when i told him i didnt want to be nagged by an admin over a little arguement he said word for word, "this is my sit and you cant leave so you have to listen to what i say." so if anyone could bring this to a head moderator or whoever is in charge of tmods attention that would be great.
  2. Gmode

    Gmode Dark Rp Manager

    -1 no format and staff can warn off duty as long as there is a sit before the warn
  3. Spooky

    Spooky Porn Addiction

    Only thing I see wrong in here is that he took his own sit, but it's allowed if there is low amount of staff on and if you want to report him, do it in the right section with format.
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  4. KoenBezeg

    KoenBezeg Mass RDMer

    I have never been clickbaited this hard > : (
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  5. Gmode

    Gmode Dark Rp Manager

    Its a trap!!!
  6. FireHazard

    FireHazard Addict

    This is basically a player report, so it will be moved to denied reports.
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