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Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by DOBBY, Apr 16, 2018.

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  1. DOBBY

    DOBBY Dumpster Baby

    Name: Dobby


    Warns:none at time of writing

    Country of residence:USA


    How much time do you have on the server?| SSO SLT Dobby Fedorov has played for 362:54:17.

    Do you own a Microphone: [YES/NO]yes

    Referral(s): [What administrator recommended you to apply?]Brandon, Cameron

    About yourself: [Minimum 1 paragraph]Hello my name is Dobby. I’m 15 years old and a freshman in high school. I enjoy playing video games, chess, hanging out with friends, and building computers. My two favorite games are Fortnite and Gmod. I have a physical disability called Arthrogryposis. I go to therapy weekly for my disability. I have good grades in school and I am very responsible. I joined garnet gaming in March of 2017 and I've been playing ever since and I am very dedicated to the server. In July of 2017 I built my first PC and I've been in love with computers ever since. I recently had surgery on my back and I'm making a full recovery. I go see a consoler every two weeks to help with my anxiety, I also take meds to help with this. I have 5 IRL friends that I play DND with weekly. My steam ID is, STEAM_0:0:121666450. So that's pretty much my life.

    Past experiences as staff: [optional] Mod on a SCP breach server.

    Why should we choose you over other applicants? [minimum 1 paragraph] I feel I should be chosen over other applicants because, I like to help others, and I am responsible., and i am mature. First I like helping people. When somebody asks me for help or a question, I always try to in the best way I can. As I staff member I will help people by, handling sits, answering questions, and generally making sure everyone is happy. Second I am responsible. If given work to do or asked to do something I always do it. As a staff member I will, fulfill my quotas, do any work a higher up assigns me, and fulfill my other duties as a staff member. third i am mature. i know when to joke around and when not to. i act serious when i need to but i still like to have fun. as a staff member i will always act serious when doing staff duties and in staff meetings. I also think I should be chosen because I have past experience as a server staff(all be it a different game mode). Having past experience will help a lot because I can look back and see what I did then to get an idea of what I should do now. I am also unbiased. Because I am unbiased I won't favor any one person, only using given evidence in sits/reports. Overall I should be a staff member because I want to make garnet gaming a better place in the best way I can. Thank you and I hope you will consider me

    Did you read the staff rules: Dobby
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  2. BroDawggg

    BroDawggg Crippling Depression

    YES YES YES +1
    Honestly Dobby is the most nicest person on the server and even though he might seem a little younger hes really mature, havent ever seen him cause any Drama of any sort.

    Add me to referrals (Cameron)
  3. CrazyKidd

    CrazyKidd Hardcore

    +1 he is very active and a very nice person
  4. Crin

    Crin Addict

    I really want to +1 this Dobby, but just last week I remember you talking about you not being that active anymore because of some IRL stuff? Is that stuff finished with or not happening anymore?
    -1 For the time being.
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  5. Aristocrat

    Aristocrat irrelevant

  6. Tayler

    Tayler Crippling Depression

    The "Why should we choose you over other applicants?" is extremely lack luster. You repeated your main points in your examples, more than likely to extend the section for the 1 paragraph minimum.
    Just really repetitive. I'm going to have to -1 seeing as you're application is very lack luster and your reasonings are generic and bland. I know you're a nice guy, but you're application isn't good.
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  7. Josh 3

    Josh 3 Dumpster Baby

    You really need to beef up that application.
  8. Phantom

    Phantom Howdy

    You're a good kid, but I don't see you as being a suitable staff member. As Tayler said, your staff app is lack luster and it demonstrates to me that you aren't 100% into becoming staff. Or if you are, it seems that you would do a half-assed job. -1
  9. Vibe

    Vibe Dumpster Baby

    -1 I agree with Tayler's statement, but I'm going to expand it a bit. The about me section of the app is relatively short with incomplete sentences and even a sentence literally just saying your steam ID. I feel like if this was any other player besides dobby the -1 would be flying in to beef up the app. You're a really nice player and pretty cool to talk to but I don't think you would be a suitable fit for the staff team.
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  10. DOBBY

    DOBBY Dumpster Baby

    i added some more to the "why should we choose you" section.
  11. Ebichu

    Ebichu Garnets Hoe

    -1 had to make sure this was a joke and if it was in Shitpost central.Absolutely all encounters I have had with you whether it be in game or *Gulp* TinyChat.Back when you were in 55th you were basically a dick.And yeah yur app is pretty fukin repetitive bringing up the same points such as helping people.
  12. *Madison*

    *Madison* Dumpster Baby

    Didn't have to be rude with the post.

    -1 until you fixed you're app
  13. Ebichu

    Ebichu Garnets Hoe

    Just stating my opinion on him to make my point.Get over it nurd.
  14. -1 I feel like I rarely see you on, you're a nice dude. But this app is lack luster.......... Fix it and maybe +1
  15. DOBBY

    DOBBY Dumpster Baby

    Yes it's taken care of
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