Dobby’s Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Denied Applications' started by DOBBY, Apr 16, 2018.

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  1. DOBBY

    DOBBY Dumpster Baby

    I added more to the "about yourself" section
  2. DOBBY

    DOBBY Dumpster Baby

    I added even more to the "why should we choose you" section
  3. Medinator

    Medinator Crippling Depression

    Oml yes +1

    Dobby is a the nicest person Ive met in garnet

    Hes gonna make a badass staff member
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  4. Wendell

    Wendell Member

  5. Vibe

    Vibe Dumpster Baby

    The staff team doesn't need nice people, it needs people who are strict and won't be biased just because he likes you in a sit. Nice does not equal capable of being staff.
  6. DOBBY

    DOBBY Dumpster Baby

    I'm not bias towards anyone
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  7. Crin

    Crin Addict

    It was an example. He’s not calling you bias specifically.

    Other then that for the time being I’m still going to have to -1 this for the reason that I just don’t feel that you’re quite ready for staffing yet. If you’re on later today I’d like to talk to you.
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  8. DOBBY

    DOBBY Dumpster Baby

    Added more to the "why should we choose you" section.
  9. Crin

    Crin Addict

    I’m just saying, it’s great that you’re adding more onto your application but so far I haven’t seen you prove much of what you said in it. You just went over what you were without providing any examples of said things. Also please capitalize your I’s xD
  10. ._.

    ._. NLR

    -1 Dont see much activity from you but that could be for multiple reasons. (Playing at different times maybe?) But since you're going for staff I can only assume you're willing to put some more time in which is nice. I see you're very willing to help with any issue that may arise if you were to be a staff member, However until then I will stay -1 because of; 1) Grammatical Errors, 2) Activity, 3) Cliche Application
  11. DOBBY

    DOBBY Dumpster Baby

    Fixed it pretty sure
  12. DOBBY

    DOBBY Dumpster Baby

    I am active once again, but I don't understand what you mean by cliche app
  13. Dobby you were one of the nicest, and one of the most helpful people when I came to 055. I'm pretty sure I know what your irl issue was, and I'm sure Dobby will be more active than usual. HUGE +1 Great person, and I think he's fit for it.
  14. Duel

    Duel Hunter

    It seems like you go through a lot in real life, and I'm going to feel bad saying this, but


    The way you reasoned why you should be a moderator had the same structure as when I learned how to make hamburger/umbrella paragraphs in the 3rd grade. You list a personality trait of yours then added 1, possibly 2 if you're spicy, bland reasons as to why you'd make a good staff member. I'm sorry Dobby but as you progress as a staff member, you'll notice things are consistently grey, and many times you'll be in a scenario that relies on your judgement, because either another staff member isn't on to assist or that it's backed by precedent/not explicitly in the rules. This application shows me you're not capable of reasoning and handling those scenarios, which can pop up often, under pressure.I only see more problems coming out of this in the future.
  15. DOBBY

    DOBBY Dumpster Baby

    so, redo my app? i tried to make it how i was taught in the 8th/ beginning of 9th grade
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