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Discussion in 'Administration' started by Duel, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Duel

    Duel Swashbuckler

    I know I'm on LOA, but I've thought about this for a couple weeks and decided it's finally time to let go of the community,on a good note this time. I won't lie and say that I've been enjoying myself as much as I should these past few months, truth be told I've been heavily burnt out of MRP and GMOD in general. I found enjoyment in it and wanting to stay however because I thought there was a lot of potential the server had because of its community, and the state it's in right now has me at peace knowing that things will run well and will keep progressing. I stayed while trying my best to make sure things work for the time being until GG would eventually hit its gold age, and I'd argue that time is now.

    That's the main reason,but another is obviously my education. This semester I'm sure is going to rape my GPA, and if I want acceptance into the program I'm transitioning to without any delay, then I need to start taking it a step more seriously than before. In a bigger context as well, if I want to be who I set myself as wanting to be in the next 2, 5, or 10 years,then I need to be a lot more rigorous than I am now.

    This is my formal resignation as staff, and for any that may still have me as a reserves rank,feel free to remove me since I have no forseeable plans of returning. I'll still lurk and comment once a while on the forums like some current oldfags do,and maybe in the future I'll be an oldfag among them as well.

    These past 9 or so months have been a blast, thank you everyone for the experiences I've had,whether good or bad, because they lightened up my day either way, and kept this neurotic kid entertained when he had nothing better to do. Honestly, money well spent. I had a lot of fun.

    Deuces dawg.

    @Verse For my IJU Major removal.
    @Phantom @SythenMcSwiggity For my staff rank removal.
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  2. Toxic

    Toxic MRP Manager Staff Member

  3. Lt.Dog

    Lt.Dog Crippling Depression

    I will miss you.
  4. Bendak

    Bendak Hardcore

    If you wanna have a good GPA you should start with spell checks. XD

    JK for real tho, you have been a real nigga since I've met you through ALQ and BLKGRD. Good luck with college.
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  5. Verse

    Verse 오 Trapper 오

    So no coming back this time ..... Well as I said it before you'll be missed my good friend.
  6. Dillan

    Dillan Cappuccino

    But you were a third of the IQ points on the server! You can't go!
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  7. Phantom

    Phantom Howdy

    Thank you for all that you have one for MRP. You were and still are a great help for the server and it was a pleasure working with you on some projects for the server.
    Don't be a stranger around here ;)
  8. ✪ Fearless™

    ✪ Fearless™ Godlike

    Please come by so that we can learn about the great religion of Garnetgaming!
  9. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker Staff Member Owner

    You fucking nigger.
    Love you <3
  10. Raul

    Raul Hardcore

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  11. SirMike

    SirMike Am I even ACTIVE anymore?

    Rip u kid. Was a good time having you around a lot, ur ass staying at Major did grind my gears.
    You better still come on teamspeak every now and then.
  12. redindy

    redindy Addict

    Its been a pleasure man, you did more then your fair share on the server. I wish you good luck in your future.
  13. Garnet

    Garnet Asshole Owner

    Honestly dude, I should probably be alot nicer because you were a good friend and an outstanding staff, but god damn, when people like you write me paragraphs about how they want to excel in the ocmmunity and talk about "taking a big part in the development of the server, only to leave a few weeks later, it ticks me the fuck off. Why waste so much time writing me a lengthy essay if you "had it on your mind to leave"? makes 0 sense.
    Anyhoo, I wish the best for you in your future man!

    I should probably be transparent with you on the whole dedication issue with the server, if you've ever been confused or had thoughts about my activity.

    With Kairos a couple months back, I left GG out of frustration with how the server was going to go try something out new. I'll be honest, I really liked it there despite their community being a little mixed at the time, because I gobbled up the bullshit Odyssey was telling everyone in community meetings about content and server plans. I thought, "Wow he's got a huge team behind him, he can really get things pumping out." You've probably had your fair share of consistently being fucked over since you've been in the gmod community for some time with mappers and shitty community members who've betrayed your trust, but for me it was fairly new. The second you told me I felt sick to my stomach lmao.

    Yeah, I've been back ever since they shut down. I was hoping for it to be revived, but it didn't happen. I was talking with Karma the Goo Dispenser on it (he joined me on Kairos as well), and at the time we layed out our options, which were two. Just abandon everything all together, or go back to GG. He chose the first, and I chose the second because I just decided with the attitude that I'll try and be part of the change instead of sitting and waiting on Garnet for every single thing, and that's how things have been going the past couple months.

    I wouldn't be here if I didn't think your server has a shitload of potential, the MRP one. Sure its playerbase is mixed, but its constantly interactive and things always feel genuine, whether their good or bad, which is what pretty much every other server I know of lacks. I've pretty much made up my mind that unless I do something pretty fucking stupid by accident to get myself beaned, I'm here for the long haul.

    Also, remind me never to leave again, this is pretty much the only community left I trust in. Don't get me wrong, I'm preeetty sure you're a dick, but at least you're a genuine one I can get behind, and I'm happy I'm able to help out.
  14. ✪ Fearless™

    ✪ Fearless™ Godlike

    For anyone that is too lazy to highlight and read. ^
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