Emergency Nuristan V3 Update

Discussion in 'Announcements & Rules' started by Garnet, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. We had doors on the other map, so I assume they don't.
  2. n1njan30

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  3. Sleepy

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    found a glitch in the Dueling.
  4. Shephard

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    yeah I also found one where if you're in a vehicle, and then accept a duel request, you won't be TPd
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  5. Renaird

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    Squads are currently broken. The screen does not list the squads available.
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  6. Mun

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    I tried to get on the MRP server and I ended up with the server being timed out. Done it for a multiple times and it's timed out all over again.
  7. DragonGaming

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    no i dont
  8. Where can I get the textures for the things with no texture?
  9. I crash about 3-4 times a hour.

    But I run at 80 FPS.
  10. I recommend turning down your settings, specifically shadows, but turn them all down if you can. I have a shit laptop, so I have my settings on the bare minimum and haven't crashed a single time. I heard others have crashed less or haven't crashed at all after making this change to their settings, so hope it works for you and others :)

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