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    Hello Nut gamers,
    You may be reading the title and scratching your head thinking it's a meme, but rest assured, this is a serious post. I like to be 100% transparent with the community as I've always been, and today is just one of these occasions where I feel as if i'm obligated to share the behind-the-scenes changes with you guys.
    As some of you may know, I got accepted into university 3 months back, specifically into the health/medical department, this meant I will have to be moving away from home to a different city within my state by mid-January, and ontop of this enormous change, I will be having to pay 2.5x the amount of rent I'm currently paying (college cities are typically MUCH more expensive due to high demand) and I cannot overlook the costs of attending this university (especially the medical field which may cost up to $20,000 a semester.) On the bright side, I will be living a walking distance from the notorious horsefucker @SythenMcSwiggity , so i'm definitely looking forward to that.

    I digress, alright so, I found myself in a large dilemma between getting a full-time job while attending university and allowing managers/superadmins to run their course with the server (dropping development all-together) or allow myself to live off of whatever surplus of income the server generates- along with the will my deceased grandfather left me. I ran the conversation through many random donating members of the community, aswell as some of our managers+, and after having multple super admin resignations in just the past 2 weeks, the answer was very clear option B - to resume development/business as usual and turn Garnet into my full time job by using an amount of its funds towards my rent/basic needs. After watching Phantom and Shephard resign within a mere week from one another, it is obvious that counting on an individual to run a server certain within the community for me is not at all a viable option. In the future I may actually look into turning the Super Administrator rank into some sort of a "customer support" job by paying an individual a small sum of money to ensure the server is running properly when I am absent, in the rare case occasions that something major happens (IE: hurricane Irma)

    I am now a mere week away from making my final decision as to where I would like to move to move for attending university, and I thought it'd be the best time to share this information with the donating members of our community. There will be a slight terms of service update to our store portal in which I will take out the paragraph stating that all payments will be circulated back into the server as to not mislead people into believing all donations will go back to the server at their entirety. If you have a problem with this, all I can tell you is to not donate I suppose? this is pretty much an inevitable change at this point unless I decide to sell/close the community. With all that being said, I will not be portraying the majority of other servers owners who completely sell out their community and spend its donation surplus on luxuries such a car, yeezy apparel or a collection of jordans. I'm a 20 year old who's only aspiration in life currently is to run a Garry's Mod server while graduating university as a doctor. Once that's done, you bet you I will have a 6 figure job to buy me yeezys.

    To sum up this post, there will not really be any major changes, please rest assured the server will not be "selling out"; not to mention that I may always choose to retreat back to option A and simply get a full-time job in the case of which something goes wrong with my current plannings. Moving on from this point, when receiving chargebacks for false reasons (such as "item not delivered" or "items was returned) I will pursue individuals with local police reports as to avoid the massive loss of thousands of dollars our community had in 2016 and 2017 due to chronic chargebackers - hopefully that will prove to be a big enough boost in donations to allow myself to resume my life comfortably aswell as hire more professional personnel for our servers.

    If you've made it this far into the post, I salute you for reading and hope you have a great day!
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    Hope this idea works out well, sorry left at the worst possible time too.
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    Thank you for the update and for being transparent. I support any decision you end up making.
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    I always assumed the money was going into those tats, wtf who cares,.

    As long as the actual donation options don't destroy the server go ahead and buy a nerf gun collection for all I care

    Fucking rape them
  5. Berndz

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    Do whatever it is you need man. Just keep sane.
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    No haha, I had a fairly decent job during High School and managed to save up a couple thousand dollars towards College and spendings such as musical equipment. I don't think it's appropriate I get my body tattoo'd with server money. And nope, no donation changes will be made, if necessary I will add cosmetic items as a worst-case-scenario.

    Yes, I will rape those who chargeback if they do sketchy shit such as claim I scammed them. :^)
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  8. SirMike

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    dude i would buy the fuck out of cosmetics.
  9. ──────────██████

    Keep it real fam.
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    You got this man, hopefully everything works out , we're all here for you and we support every decision you make, good luck in college and in your future <3
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    Glad to see you're doing well with the community Garnet, sorry that it's causing so many issues for you as of late though. Good luck in college man. That environment is either the funnest you'll have, or the most stressful lol. Just don't waste it on binging at frat parties :p
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    Oi. You have my contact if you need to vent or shit lmao you know I won't turn you away.
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    I hope everything goes well with college and shit, good luck! :rolleyes:
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    Thumbs up

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