Gambler Mass Demotion Appeal for Shock

Discussion in 'Regiments' started by gambler01dyer, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. Kronic

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    I'll pm you
  2. Shrugger

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    According to Igneous's account, you were doing random ass sims with the troops. He went to see what was up and you arrested and detained him, when it was possible to explain what was going on and escort him off the premises. He also told me that you were make sexual comments towards Appo of the 91st during tryouts, in character. I at the time was at work and was PM'd of Igneous's account and what he saw and heard. While it was not breaking any rules, I feel that this breaks RP. As you should not be able to deny access a part of the ship when Igneous(as highest on of OCF at the time) is running it(In the US Navy, Captain was the lowest rank in which an individual could run a ship). With Kronic's approval as well as mine(since we said no more "one more change"s for you at the commander meeting) I gave my blessing for him to court marshal you. This was in no way a rule breaking incident, if it had been it would have been handled by staff. This was an RP scenario in which I felt was the appropriate action was a court marshal(Which was okay'd in one of the previous commander meetings).
  3. SO Gambler is still going to keep his rank and this is a warning for the future correct?
  4. Shrugger

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    That's the problem. We have said to him in one of the commander meetings no more second chances. While I am unsure what will happen to this particular case as I was not their personally oversee the court martial.
    Edit: Forgot some words.
  5. I believe it was due to the fact that your captain apparently made up rules and used these so called rules as a excuse to have him curt marshaled led to him given the 2nd chance otherwise its just bias virtually.
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    >Alright Remember no second chances!
    >By the way, we're gonna fuck you with rules you don't know about!
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    This is bullshit,OCF as of now has no influence over Shock and Igneous didn't tell Gambler he was coming or ask for permission to get in,so he got arrested. A full demotion is way too much for an officer who is active and helped revive a regiment. You should really leave shit like this to his commander to deal with.
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    +1 AOS is AOS like other said this is all bs in my opinion
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