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Discussion in 'Shitpost Central' started by DoctorProfessor_Logan, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Flacko

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    Complaining endlessly about someone who is in university, running a generally ungrateful community which he makes many updates for, creating new content and maps extremely often. Also, I was being slightly sarcastic when I said bullying, I was attempting to imply that people are being dicks at this point. What did you do when a meme was made out of you? Make a whole rant thread, while not contributing to the community at all. I'm not Garnet himself so I don't know exactly how he feels, but I'd be pretty fed up dealing with idiots like you.
  2. Canadian Toast

    Canadian Toast good for inspiration, aren't I?

    Wow this went from haha funny memes to RIP garnet's love of his community in less than 4 hours

    Good work idiots
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  4. Damn Garnet is just getting pounded on this thread fuckin rip.
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  5. Shrimp

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    I mean, not really? Just a bit of light memery. It's not like the entire community is going pitchforks and torches in the rant section.
  6. Garnet

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    I am fed up, trust me man. I have nothing but regret left for the community as of how things have gone since Phantom resigned as a Super Administrator. Constant nagging, asking for changes, demanding I do things as they see fit. Fuck that, and i'm done with that, and i'm definitely done providing the amount of work I have been.

    It was not this specific thread, it's been a collection of things. This definitely was a strong reminder of who I deal with. Morons like Shrimps are considered the "smart and innovative" members of the community, yet the best I see him do in this thread is post moronic shit like this:
    yeah.. big memes right?
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  8. Garnet

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    Welp, enjoy a 1 week ban
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  9. Garnet

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    I push people away? I don't need help - I need some fucking space, when I say I'm god damn burnt out, tired and don't feel like doing a task for a week, people post dumb shit like this and make a complete mockery of the server.
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