Global Server Update 12/10/2017

Discussion in 'Server Updates' started by Garnet, Dec 11, 2017.

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    Decided to give you guys a little treat before Christmas, a somewhat large client-side optimization update.

    I've removed lots of unnecessary hooks provided by Garry's Mod which heavily spike and lower the FPS of clients on any server. This proved to be effective seeing as on my test server my FPS had bumped up from an average of 115 to 130. A 13% gain in FPS, which may translate to an extra 3-5 FPS When the DarkRP/MilitaryRP servers are full.

    FPS Booster
    Upon joining our Garry's Mod servers, you will now be welcomed by a menu asking if you would like to enable our "FPS Booster"
    This feature will automatically re-configure some of your client-sided convars, allowing for better performance on Garry's Mod alltogether by forcing features such as Multicore Rendering to be enabled (not many people know about them unfortunately)
    This method provided me a 60% FPS boost, bring me from an average of 120FPS to 200 at random locations on rp_downtown. This will likely prove to be even MORE effective on the MilitaryRP server.​
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    Good stuff! Thank you!
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    My man on point with this shit. Thank bby
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    Good shit, happy Hanukkah :p
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  7. Garnet

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    Server End Optimization
    Client End Optimization
    Alltogether we're looking at a theoretical 73% FPS gain on a low populated server which makes me wonder how this will translate on our servers when full. I find it unlikely it will bring a client with 30 FPS to 50, but I don't find it unrealistic to bump a user with 30 FPS to 40.
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    TitsRP had it the multi-core rendering option on join and I forgot to even suggest it to you back when.
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