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    Hello Noobs. (or any tali officer).

    This will be my guide for you on how to be an aspiring faction member if you want to rise the ranks and get to Allah or whatever rank you want. This will be set up into 3 different parts, so bear with me. Each section will be broken down into further details, so stay attentive to this guide in length if you would like to be successful on this server, because I totally was and you should all listen to the guy who was Allah for 3 months.

    a Don't be a Dickhead
    b. Recruit
    c. Wartime

    a. Ah yes, you are a young Army PVT (or, as I stated, a tali officer). What's the first thing that comes out of a PVT's mouth during a Debrief? "HEY! SGT MCFUCKFACE! SHUT THE FUCK UP WILL YOU?" Now see, this will not get you far (I'm looking at you ALQ, don't think you're not a part of this). This will not get you far at all, especially if General Phantom, our lord and savior, is online only for your sorry PVT soul having to go through training again and to waste 30 minutes of valuable time.

    Now, being respectful to your comrades is extremely important, especially if you are a SGT or below. This will gain the attention of your higher-ups who may think you are actually a serious roleplayer. Now, I am not saying to milk it, telling you to say "Sir" infront an behind every response. I just mean show some decency to everyone on the server, because in your little Sergeant's eyes, Privates are people too. So, for the love of god, please don't be a complete dickhead to your fellow recruits and soldiers. You will only make yourself look worse.

    b. To pass a certain rank, you will have to pass the recruiter tryout. Now, leading a faction for a quarter of a year, I know what a recruiter tryout is. Let me tell you something. THEY ARE FUCKING EASY AS SHIT. It literally takes 20 minutes if done right and it helps the faction a shit tonne. So my recommendation is to get recruiter as fast as you can and just start getting through as many recruits as you can in between war and even during the war. Now, I'm not forcing you to be a recruiter 24/7, but I'm telling you if you have a shit ton of recruits on and no one is doing shit, (which normally happens on US side), hop on fucking recruiter and slay boi.

    c. Parts a and c kind of mix together. During Debrief before and after the war, which in my eyes, counts as wartime, you should be quiet and only speak in your mic or type if you are asking for PTS (in chat only) or your pts was granted. You should line up in the correct line and you should be facing front with your keys out unless stated otherwise. You should be attentive to directions from superior officers, because they have been playing this game 10 times longer than you have, so you should probably listen.

    During the war, you should be respectful of your higher ups and listen to their orders. If your faction has a TeamSpeak channel (which all of them do) then you might want to enter that channel and communicate with them. You, if you are a SGT+, should also be helping out the Privates by having them follow you to an objective or a favourite sniping spot. (If they are snipers) If you are showing AR bearing PVT's. tell them to rush an objective and follow them. Your superiors are always watching and know if you will be a complete dick or a diamond in the rough. Who knows on this server ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    This is my tutorial. The main thing to take out of this is to not be a fucking retard. If you can follow what I have just told you, you'll do just fine on this server. Thanks for reading this guide, and peace out.

    -Frosty, Former Taliban Allah.

    [And no, this isn't shitpost, just tried to add some humour into it]
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