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    Using this form is mandatory - failure to fill this in prior to making a report will result in an automatic disqualification/disapproval of your post, additionally, tagging staff members within your post in order to get their attention (IE: @Evity PLEASE HELP!) will result in you receiving a warning aswell as the wipe of your thread.
    I'm reporting a(n): [Administrator/Player]
    Their name is: [Alias/Steam Profile]
    Their SteamID is: http://steamidfinder.com
    This occurred on: [MM/DD/YYYY]
    Time: [EST]
    My Steam ID is:
    Some people who were involved are:
    Describe the situation in at least 1 paragraph?
    Attach any documented proof? [videos/screenshots]

    Garnet Gaming's staff team will try their best to resolve reports in a timely manner! please be patient and do not bump your thread.​
Thread Status:
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