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    I'm tired of seeing reports that there's no way that'll be accepted, so I went ahead to make this guide on how to make a good Player/Administrator report.
    • Follow the format. Your report will not be accepted if you don't follow the format. You can find the format here.
    • Use this format for the title: "name of the person you're reporting" [Player/Administrator Report]. So for example, if you would report me you would do: ItsTJxx [Administrator Report]
    • Make sure that you have proof! In most reports, if you don't have any proof, there's a very low chance your report will be accepted. Now what do I mean by proof? If you report an admin for admin abuse, make sure that you have proof for the admin abuse. By proof I mean: screenshots, videos etc. (there's no witnesses in reports!)
    • Make your report look nice and clean. Do not just say: "ye dis dood just rdmed meh." Or anything like that.
    • Be professional. Don't shit talk or what ever on the person you're reporting. Be professional and mature.
    • Do not use fonts or colors that aren't readable. For example: don't do this
    • Make sure you cover every single thing, don't just skip important details in the report.
    • When you finish, go over everything you wrote, and make sure it looks nice, with proof, readable, professional and mature.
    I hope that players will actually follow this guide and use it.
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