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    I know a lot of people have been requesting rank transfers and doing rank transfers, but there's not really a rule about it, so I will post this and also add a rule.

    Rank transfers will only happen if you have both of each faction leaders' permission, two officers (CPT+) from each faction agreeing with it, and proof to a Manager+. After the rank transfer is complete, you would be un-whitelisted from all original faction classes, and would be removed from the original faction roster. You cannot rank transfer back to that faction once you transfer from it, you must start as a PVT in that faction again.

    Rank transfers can only happen between a single countries' factions, you cannot rank transfer from Afghan to US or vice versa.

    If I wanted to switch my WO3 rank from Rangers to Marines, I would need permission from:
    Rangers - Zoro, Variant, and John.
    Marines - Grigs, Phantom, Artyy.

    RANK TRANSFER FORM: This is what you will fill out and send to a Manager+ in a PM on the forums, and everyone involved will be tagged/in the conversation so they can prove they agreed to your rank transfer.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.