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    Hello NutterButters!

    As you all can tell by reading the title, HR applications are now OPEN!

    At the Rank of HEAD MOD you can now apply to become a Division member. This application process will let me know you a little better than the usual "staff application". Please use this Format and PRIVATE MESSAGE MYSELF, this will allow me to be one on one with you. I am excited to see you all apply and in advanced, Welcome to HR.

    In Game Name:

    Steam Name (Must have [GG] or | in it):


    Steam Profile:

    Staff Rank:

    How long have you been staff?:

    Current Playtime and Main Faction?:

    One thing you feel the community should know:

    Why do you want to be HR? (one paragraph):

    What is HR’s job/duty to you?:

    What do you think you can bring to HR? (bullet points are okay):

    How much time per week do you think you can dedicate to being an ACTIVE HR Member?:

    P.S. There are no more promotions from HeadMod to T.Admin. This is now included in your acceptance into HR or any division. By applying, you are showing me you are dedicated to HR and you will spend time trying to further the division.

    See you all in the PM's.

    Feel free to post any questions you have here
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  2. Ebichu

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    I have a question,so basically you are saying that if you join HR than you can't be promoted anymore?that's kinda weird if you ask me.
  3. Crin

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    No. You get promotions via your division.
    Example, since I got into HR I'm now T.Admin instead of Hmod.

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