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    Islamic Jihad Union / Haqqani Network Agenda
    I made an agenda that me and @Sped can edit, in the future higher up officers will be able to edit it too. I made it so that we can get these tasks done and make the faction strong, also so that people can see that me and Sped are getting things done and not sitting around. I will provide a link to the agenda below, feel free to suggest things on this thread that you feel should be added to the agenda. Please also refrain from shitposting / fighting on this thread. ~General Sbens

    Link to the agenda
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  2. Shrimp

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    Good to see you're taking this really seriously Sbens, great work.
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  3. sbens

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    Thank you, I hold your opinions to a very high respect so this means a lot.
  4. Bam

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    I need permission to view it?
  5. sbens

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    Oh, my bad I’ll turn that off
  6. Canadian Toast

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    This looks good. Great to see you can put yourself to work, sbens.
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  7. sbens

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    First completed item - Haqqani Rules; feel free to suggest more.

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  8. snowman

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    When will the IJU/HAQN Roster be posted sir?
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    you didn't tag me, gay
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  11. Ebichu

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    Rule 2 is like for ALQ.Thats what made me fucking hate ALQ.Everything else is reasonable
  12. If you want to look more serious, should probably fix those typos.
    "8.Re-evaluaitons" should be Re-evaluations and,
    "9. Treat every single plauer" should be player.
    Also, either add a period to the end of all the rules, or none. Number 1, and 11 don't have an ending punctuation.

    Just small things, nitpicking.
    (Rules 2 and 3 make you seem like you are trying too hard though, but I you are trying to become a serious sub faction, so it fits I guess. I don't think you need to step that far in trying to be a serious sub faction though. That is more for ISI and DF.)
  13. Ebichu

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    Also I see you are getting back some of meds old officers? ;).Back when med was Gen only me,Hail,and Agent
  14. sbens

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    Thank you, I was very tired from work when writing these up, I’ll fix them tomorrow.
    Keyword “some”

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