IJU & HAQN Situation

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  1. I dont understand why you are making a decision like this so soon. Also one thing I highly advise against is just giving someone a Gen position cause you feel like it. Look for people who are actually worth putting there and if there is no one like that it probably isnt a good idea to make the change and you would also need better officers. Also as of right now there is only like 1 or 2 people worth giving a Gen position so as long as they stay.
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  2. I would hold off on giving away a GEN position for IJU. This split should probably be done after you have helped IJU grow to the point when it can hold itself up on it's own two feet. Right now is when IJU needs HAQN the most. HAQN's main goal should be to promote IJU as a faction instead of splitting from it for the time being. I know you might want to take care of HAQN solely, but IJU needs support. The IJU lines in DB have been empty of enlisted for a week or two now.
  3. AustinDatDude

    AustinDatDude Mass RDMer

    The switch has already been made now it’s just finding a new IJU gen
  4. Phantom

    Phantom Howdy

    Submit all of your proposals for IJU Gen to me and Shephard in a PM on the forums. Unless they are approved by me and/or Shephard, they are not validated.
  5. AustinDatDude

    AustinDatDude Mass RDMer

    No matter what we have done for the past 5 GEN’s nothing has worked, Try and come help us instead of complaining on the fourms of what our focus needs to be, it’s honestly the same thing over and over IJU is going dead and someone needs to help it.
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  6. Frosty

    Frosty No Life Goals

    To be fair, Ethan's right.
  7. Medinator

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    Bamm? even though the lack of experience
  8. Ebichu

    Ebichu Garnets Hoe

    I actually agree with this seeing he has been a good and respective officer
  9. Frosty

    Frosty No Life Goals

  10. AustinDatDude

    AustinDatDude Mass RDMer

    Bamm and I are staying in Haqqani
  11. Bam

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    The thing is HAQN only has like 5 people in it. Literally everyone failed Jackals/Sbens revaluation. Most of them went inactive from IJU, a few stuck around. So HAQN needs to be reworked too not just IJU.
  12. I think the main issue is that people that say they plan on staying (as perm Gens) just overkill everything and leave right away soon after thinking all will go well. However, I am not excluded and I am fully aware of that but still we shouldn't just toss someone in that position.
  13. Bam

    Bam Hardcore

    Then what do you suggest should be done?
  14. I think I mentioned this in another post but I wouldn’t divide yet but from what I can see it’s already late for that. In the current situation there is nothing you can really do that would be beneficial unless someone actually plans on staying. Again saying you will doesn’t really mean you will. Also whoever takes it should go slow with their changes if they are to make any mainly because the faster you go the faster you get burnt out.
  15. Buffet

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    sirmike was on this day tho

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