I'm sorry Fausty and IJU

Discussion in 'Islamic Jihad Union' started by GoblinMan10, Feb 26, 2017.

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  1. GoblinMan10

    GoblinMan10 Newbie

    Heya Just wanting to say that my apologies for saying that People like you or other's use aimbot to pass IJU tryouts. I accepted that I was banned from IJU tryouts And all of you guys (including Fausty) to accept for what I have done and said.
    sincerely - Goblinman
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  2. Hosn

    Hosn Crusader

    we dont really care tbh.

    if we were using aimbots it'd be quite obvious
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  3. GoblinMan10

    GoblinMan10 Newbie

    @Hosn Yo I said that to him to show disrespect at him
  4. Hosn

    Hosn Crusader

    but we didnt take it as disrespect cause we dont care
  5. GoblinMan10

    GoblinMan10 Newbie

    @Hosn then why I'm still banned from IJU?
  6. Hosn

    Hosn Crusader

    Ask someone that was hosting tryouts. I don't believe I was at your tryouts, but from what I heard,

    You were minging and disrespectful
  7. SexyAcorn

    SexyAcorn Dumpster Baby

  8. Shrimp

    Shrimp Guest

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  9. Shephard

    Shephard Local Horse Fucker

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