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  1. I almost 100% sure that this month marks my 1 year mark on being on garnet garnetgaming, here are some tags that helped got me here,
    @Jaggie75 This guy was a OG. we got ranked up together to WO and then CPT, then he left to ALQ. :(
    @Bosom I really kinda owe everything I have on this sever to you and frosty. You were a really nice guy and by far the best allah I've had this year.
    @redindy Really cool guy, thanks for everything!
    @Frosty Like I said I owe you everything.
    @Dillan you helped me out a lot to.
    @DoctorProfessor_Logan always great to talk to you.
    @BroDawggg I miss talking to you about things that should happen in 55th, thanks for always hearing me out.
    @Tacocat its a love hate between us. But when me and you weren't mad at each other you were a pretty cool dude.
    @WarmPupper You accepted my WO app, thanks man!
    @Phantom You have me perms to apply when I was only 14. Thanks
    @ItsTJxx I wished we talked more. Like we use to. I also here ur back at ur old rank for drp, congrats old friend.
    @adhd Always a good kid to talk to.
    @Spooky You are a really good guy, I hope nothing but luck for you for DRP.
    @NixxyFox You were cool.
    @Wasdin @Wasdin123 Thanks for being you man.
    @Panchod You made ALQ good, I miss talking to you.
    @Raul I am happy that u led me.
    @Towelie Just met you and ur already one of my favorite people in 55th <3
    @Ethan or koolguy001 Ur a good dude.
    @Medinator Always had my back, thanks man.
    @Conway(don't know forum name) U are a good guy, sad to see that u got a 1 week ban.
    @AustinDatDude Good friend.
    @AustinPost I love how nice you are to people. Keep up the good work and I promise you'll go somewhere in 55th.
    @Buffet So nice.
    @The.Batman I am happy I got to met you.
    @DragonGaming I am happy to see ur back on MRP <3
    @Cody Drax Ur funny af, Thanks for being a friend.

    Thanks for helping me guys.
    If you were not tagged its because I forgot.
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  2. Psych

    Psych Use logic. Don't be fucking stupid.

    Welcome to the club boyo. We have cookies
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  3. Shrugger

    Shrugger Mass RDMer

    This month is also my 1 year anniversary in the community too!
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  4. Tacocat

    Tacocat Godlike

    Fuck you.
    Love you
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  5. redindy

    redindy Addict

    <3 we've been through alot together
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  6. Third Cum

    Third Cum Crippling Depression

    Lmao try 2 and a half years kiddie.
    Now here's a meme for your viewing pleasure.
  7. Frosty

    Frosty No Life Goals


    luv u son
  8. + U taught me how to play baseball
    (Luv u)
  9. Bosom

    Bosom Mass RDMer

    Let's just polish that up real quick
    That's better <3
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  10. Frosty

    Frosty No Life Goals

    Yeah why don’t you go fuck yourself
  11. ItsTJxx

    ItsTJxx Jew

    come back pls
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  12. Bosom

    Bosom Mass RDMer

    :( Thats not nice

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