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    I think I've decided i'm going on an LOA at this point, this frustration of putting so much of my times into working on something, only to have to completely give it up due to people's "SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES", and my inability to just flat out tell a long term player to leave in the scenario in which they're unable get their personal issues resolved. It's almost as if the more work I put into making people happy, the smaller our playerbase becomes.
    I've let go of my relationship and my education for the past month by working on our map for so many hours a day, only to have to re-release it 3 times due to INITIALLY players reporting a lack of detail, then upon adding a high amount of detail, being told it is causing instability issues in bad systems, to taking the content out and replacing it with less expensive content, to being told "HEY I'M CRASHING/ERRORING OUT BECAUSE I DO NOT OWN CSS" or "MY COMPUTER IS RUNNING OUT OF MEMORY". Welp, there go possibly 200+ hours of my life I could've spent working on my relationship and education, instead, spent on looking at Hammer and trying to accommodate people's problems so that I can enjoy getting on my own server.
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    People should stop complaining and just be happy with the maps that you produced, they all worked fine for me plus they looked great and I don't even have that good of a PC, but regardless it's sad to hear you say this. But yea, I hope you have a nice LOA, you have been working very hard and deserve a break :)
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    You deserve an LOA Garnet. Thanks for the nice MRP map. :)
  4. It's good to take a break sometimes, but it can be difficult to leave all of your work behind for someone to take care of it while you're gone. You can handle it though, best of luck to you while you're away :)
  5. Margarit Cotty

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    You completely deserve a break, dont feel bad about it, good luck!
  6. FLUFFY2099

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    Hey, Garnet for the work you do and how well it turns out you should be able to take a break for a while. If people saying stuff like FIX ME, HELP ME, or Shuga is F***ing me in the A** then say too bad I have a life too I am not some robot or tutorial system to be there at your every command.

    Get some rest I say you have done pretty well so far (I have ZERO experience with this kind of thing so in my eyes you are a god)

    This is what garnet's Leave of Absence looks like
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  7. i know i shouldn't comment on this but i feel like you've done enough work everyone needs a break or it could lead to something bad happening like a mental breakdown or something worse
  8. you need a loa otherwise if you dont relax it might lead to something bad happening to your mental state
  9. Sneaky Goose

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    Garnet, you of all people deserve a break man. You have put in more work for your community than any owner would be willing to. You have fone beyond your comfort zone by learning Hammer just to please the demands of a "fresh, new" map, and all of this on top of you sacrificing time that you could have been spending with your girlfriend or studying for med school. I mean, you are learning everything needed to be a fucking doctor, which takes a fuck ton of dedication and intelligence. What I am trying to say from all of this is that you have already earned mine and many others' respect in this community and don't strain yourself on what the little 12-year olds think about the map or the classes. A bunch of them don't realize how strenuous being a owner is and probably also don't care, so dont worry about em. What matters is how you have managed to build this community up in just a year. We went from a 56-playerbase to a 128-playerbase which is awesome!
  10. Brandon (Untitled4k)

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    Honestly fuck anyone who complains or says you don't care you've done so much for us and honestly you shoulder have to announce LOA just take it you need / Deserve it.
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