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What should be used?

  1. Garnet's textures

    2 vote(s)
  2. Default textures

    2 vote(s)
  3. Garnet's textures BUT edited

    32 vote(s)
  4. Default textures BUT edited

    10 vote(s)
  1. Garnet

    Garnet Asshole Owner

    I've been messing around with the skybox/terrain/loads of other things, and I've come to an agreement that this map will be far more foresty than any previous Garnet map, in order to offer more cover in warfare via the use of trees (which me and Diomonder originally thought could be accomplished with rocks on a desert map)
    Anyhoo, I've looked through many textures for the terrain, and the majority of them looked far too saturated for my eyes, which led me to create my own textures - i'm not entirely set on them, so I'm reaching out to you guys for an advice.

    Left - my own texture
    Right - public grass texture that mappers commonly use in Garry's Mod

    Terrain using my textures:

    Terrain using default textures:

    KEEP IN MIND, I can do all sorts of adjustments to my own textures, aswell as the publically available textures as I am somewhat efficient with photoshop, just let me know what would look better!
  2. ItsTJxx

    ItsTJxx Jew

    I like yours :p
    it's nicer than the other one which looks pretty common.
  3. Garnet

    Garnet Asshole Owner

    Nothing to adjust in your opinion? IE: make the grass darker/more saturated
  4. Purpleblop

    Purpleblop Addict

    imo, both are good but I think your is better.
    I would say make your grass a bit darker/more green(unless you are going for a dead grass look. In that case, then it's great.)
  5. ItsTJxx

    ItsTJxx Jew

    Yes maybe make the grass a bit more darker green.
    Maybe like keep parts like right now and some darker.
  6. Tayler

    Tayler Mass RDMer

    Common texture looks better
  7. .lua

    .lua ℣LONE

    Use default, it looks way better imo
  8. bishopil

    bishopil Crippling Depression

    Your texture looks great. Some things I would recommend is make it look more saturated/a greener color. It currently looks like sandy grass, which looks a little odd.
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  9. imo, the default looks too bland and boring, I think your texture is much better. I really don't think it needs to be edited that much though...
  10. Garnet

    Garnet Asshole Owner

    Welp, we had mixed reviews and not a definite answer other than "there needs to be editing" so I created a whole new texture, using both textures strong sides for reference (details in my texture, and color saturation of the default grass texture). While working on this I took into consideration that it must blend in well with the trees that are across the map, and I can't say i'm mad with the results.


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  11. redindy

    redindy Addict

    Your terrain does mix well the the trees, seems to dead and barren. Think you should either make it greener or just use the default grass

    Edit: yeah that looks alot better
  12. Shrugger

    Shrugger Mass RDMer

    I like this one the best.
  13. bishopil

    bishopil Crippling Depression

    That looks great.
  14. agreed
  15. OpTic Gunnner

    OpTic Gunnner No Life Goals

    I like the green it’s looks more nice and adds some color

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