MilitaryRP | Map Diary Day #2

Discussion in 'Announcements & Rules' started by Garnet, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Bush

    Bush Dumpster Baby

    I was there when this was going down and for the most part, from what I could tell we were fucking around. Seems like you were fucking around with us, but I guess I misjudged the situation.
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  2. Garnet

    Garnet Asshole Owner

    No, this had nothing to do with us fucking around previously- I had already talked to Tayler about it in PMs.
  3. SHUGA

    SHUGA Homesick Abortion

    Only things missing are some stalkers playing the guitar by the fires and Cossack vodka
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  4. Canadian Toast

    Canadian Toast toastie trap <3

    Do you think it would be possible to open up a new payment platform that doesn't allow chargebacks? Seems like a better option at this point.
  5. Third Cum

    Third Cum Mass RDMer

    He makes his maps reflect how he feels. Tis poetic actually.
    For real though, I'll edit this post to give a more serious response when I get home. Don't want to blow my data watching that vid. :^(
  6. Fox Angel

    Fox Angel Godlike

    Mapping is one of the most difficult things to do (In my perspective since I'm still trying to create a map and closest I have gotten is a test world with a semi-broken skybox. (3D Skybox won't work and a file got corrupted so that map went down the drain.))

    I use very low settings with GMod anyway and I'm good with any map. Any new map I'll be proud with because looking at what you do and how you do it is amazing. I hope with enough practice, time, & dedication I can create a map just as good as you. (Kind of how I asked before but any tips and/or tricks you can tell me?)

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