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Discussion in 'Announcements & Rules' started by Garnet, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Garnet

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    People recently have been asking me about the Forest map's release date, and I have some good news. It is most definitely close to completion, HOWEVER, due to the amount of heavy details I added to the map (quite literally over 500 props - which include bushes, trees, and rocks) I will be needing to optimize the map heavily. On the brighter side, I found out Diomonder did little to no optimization on the map, seeing as he originally left it up for me, so we may very likely end up in a situation where our map featured triple the amount of detail it originally did, with on par OR even superior FPS. There's no way to find out until it's done!

    Thank you for those of you who gave me positive criticism on the direction the map is going, and it's definitely been a blast hanging out with you on Teamspeak and Twitch.
  2. Garnet

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    On another note, it appears alot of you were heavily concerned with the fact a user has been banned for hosting a "Garnet Gaming Official" Discord server, when it is in fact a rule I've made an announcement about previously. I do not mind it one bit that you hang out with your buddies on Discord on your freetime, that is none of my business. However, if you are going to be playing on my server, I do not want you to create a "Garnet Gaming" affiliated discord for your respective faction, for many different reasons; one of them being playerbase deviation. We have our own hosted, safe platforms for you guys to be within, and going out of the norm is a concern to myself- many times in the past external platforms were used to launch servers, and the affiliation was solely there to "STEAL" our playerbase.
    With all this being said, if the user that had been banned for this situation were to appeal his ban, we will not be too harsh.
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  3. Aristocrat

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    I was watching that stream and the new map looks gorgeous
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  4. That's the only concern I had about the new map from what I have seen, the optimization with the added props. Thank you for telling us the optimization will be just as good, or even better, I extremely love the new map now :) I have bias towards the new map, lol.
  5. Donoduck

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    Not gonna lie but I needed more than two boxes of tissues and a bottle of lotion after watching the steam. Jk, I'm not a weirdo. Seriously tho, it's looking good can't wait.
  6. In regards to the Discord server(s) that were used for EACH faction. In other words, there was a minimum of at least 5 different discord servers being used at one time, and had no jurisdiction about what was within them i.e. porn. So yea there was discord rooms with porn rooms because some factions thought it was funny. On top of that, Garnet had 0 control over anything. He's the server owner thus you go by his rules and use what he uses. Ultimately people would get banned if caught on discord.
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  7. Raul

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    Out of curiosity which factions were doing this?
  8. Rangers, Navy, Green Beret had one, Army had one, etc. Pretty much all factions had one. And it wasn't just US either.
  9. Kronic

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    garnets shit lookin real hot
  10. Shephard

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    Army never had a porn room, and I don't think Rangers did. Unless new ones were made from back when this originally happened last year.
  11. tropic

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    Garnet Gaming - Sponsored by Teamspeak
  12. Brandon (Untitled4k)

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    Probably not but teamspeak is the best for comunities as it has way more premissipns and abilities then discord
  13. Canadian Toast

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    I don't recall Rangers having one in the past. Thanks for letting us know though.
  14. D3AD

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    They did
  15. I remember because I was in it and I could probably still find it in my discord if I looked.

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